Leather Luster

Leather Luster is specially formulated to replenish natural oils after cleaning. Using Leather Luster restores a natural shine and luster that are removed during cleaning. No gloss is added to the surface—just supple softness.

Available in 10 oz OR in our cost saving Leather Care Value Pack!!


  • Safely reconditions and protects leather and vinyl with natural ingredients
  • Replenishes natural oils removed by citrus cleaners
  • Restores leather’s natural luster without gloss
  • Helps prevent future stains and makes them easier to remove
  • Natural leather fragrance
  • No bleach, solvents or harsh chemicals.



  • Always pre-test on an inconspicuous area
  • Spray on a clean, soft white towel
  • Work into surface to be conditioned
  • Flip towel occasionally to expose dry soft towel to conditioned area
  • Allow to air dry

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