Here's What People Are Saying About StainHotline.com and InkBGone!
“I used it on some writing from a permanent marker on my kitchen counter top. I had tried other products which faded the writing but did not remove it completely. InkBGone removed the writing completely. Great product!”

“My child must have sat in or on a Sharpie® marker, because he had a huge ink blot right smack dap on his rear. We thought his baseball uniform was ruined and that we needed to buy new pants. But decided to try your InkBGone and was amazed how well it removed the stain. I just kept wetting the area with the product and blotting the stain away. At first there was a little oily residue left over, but no apparent Sharpie® stain. I laundered his pants and low and behold the stain is GONE! Thanks so much!”

“Husband wore new white cotton shirt for the first time. Poor guy's pen leaked and stained his new shirt. I used InkBGone and the stain vanished. Thank you for a remarkable and useful product.”

“Son had Sharpie® on new shirt and it cleaned it right away. Very impressed and will continue to use and let others know about it as well. Thanks very much for the sample.

“I can't believe how great your product worked. I got blue Sharpie® on light blond wood and thought it was a disaster but InkBGone took it right off!”

“My daughter got creative with a marker on my wood wall. I had tried everything and was left with marker still on the wall, but had taken off the wood stain. Then I saw an ad for your product and decided to try it. The marker is all gone. Looks great.”

“Thank you for an AWESOME product ... it does what it says & more!”

“Just before our InkBGone sample arrived, our nanny marked a rather expensive child's piano with numbers, to help our child learn the keys!  Our nanny used a permanent magic marker!! Yikes! Our InkBGone sample arrived a few days after the occurrence, and it worked like a charm. All of the permanent marker ink was removed by InkBGone! Thanks so much for the opportunity to try the sample. I am SOLD!! The timing was so perfect! Thanks!”

“I have 3 kids and they are always getting ink on clothes. This worked so well I told everybody I know about it.”