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Advance Uk Cleaning Services

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advance uk cleaning services

What can we do to the environment clean and healthy

A clean and healthy is most important for our healthy and happy life properly. The beautiful world we live in now is badly affected by pollution. Because hygienic environment increases the risk of many diseases such as water worn, diseases induced by dust, fungal infections, etc. Today, people are facing many environmental problems in daily life.
Soil pollution is a global problem and affected the lives of millions of people and caused several deaths and health problems. contains polluted land garbage and waste along with the significant soil itself be polluted. The earth is polluted by chemicals in pesticides and herbicides used for agricultural waste and devastation in urban areas such as roads, parks and streets.

In everyday life, the person breathes average 20,000 liters of air in everyday life. Full day that we breathe, we risk inhaling dangerous chemicals that have found their place in the air. Air pollution includes all contaminants in the atmosphere can be either in the form of gases or particles. Today, we can find air pollution outdoors and indoors. Air pollution can have serious consequences for our health and also serious impact on natural BioNetwork. Volcanic eruptions, forest fires, wind erosion, pollen dispersal, evaporation of organic compounds, etc. and natural radioactivity are the natural causes of air pollution.

In many regions around the word, the smog has reached an extraordinary level. Smog causes a dark fog atmosphere occur in cities. It reduces visibility and creates a fog in region. Auto, fire, waste treatment, production of oil, industrial solvents, paints and coatings are important producers of smog. In particular, diesel cars and service stations that allow filtered gas contributes significantly to the smog problem.
The problem of water pollution is affecting all countries around the world and especially true because water is able to transport of pollution from a place to another. The main cause of water pollution is sewage sludge, waste, and even toxic pollutants are discharged water. Many animals die from polluted water such as fish, birds, dolphins, etc. People can get a disease like hepatitis by Seafood consumption has been poisoned.

Environmental Services Group Ltd for your help:

Environmental Services Group Ltd. is one of the UK's largest providers of complete solutions based on trust and respect for the environment. Let's promote the reduction ESGL, reprocessing and recycling, and support energy recovery both as a means to reduce use of fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our sole purpose is to promote the use of alternative on the most effective technique for waste treatment and industrial solutions advanced. Because we want to provide a safe and supportive environment for our employees, the environment, our customers and local communities in which we operate. ESGL committed to providing cost-effective, high quality and relevant services for our customers and to help industry to continue to meet the environmental and other standards.

Our services are efficient and the best:
No study soil – Terrestrial and marine
No tests Brownfield
o Geotechnical and geoenvironmental advice
o Support Services Construction
o services of the built environment – general
o Environmental Services building – asbestos
o Environmental Services built – microbiology and food quality
O landfill and waste management

With 900 technical employees and 16 offices offering ESGL a unique blend of technical advice, quality laboratory testing and specialist contracting services throughout the United Kingdom. Our mission is provide high levels of environmental service to all our customers. If you want more details on our services visit –

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