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Car Interior Cleaning Kit

May 24, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

car interior cleaning kit
If I plug the wine of this VW GTI that I could be buying from a dealer, it comes as a model 337.?

I understand my research he has another body kit of the standard GTI, different internal and a 6 speed tranny. I love the car. Except that none of these things seem to be there, other than cars page fax saying it is a 337. Sport seats, but not sewn. No Wheel sewn. No change button Golf Ball. And certainly not trannny 6 SPD. The Carfax was clean though, no accidents, total losses, has a regular titel, no recovery. HELP ME !!!!!!!! It's driving me nuts.

and all through 2002 gti insurance companies and Carfax say they are 337 eventhough they are not … This has been discussed in

Dyson Car Cleaning Kit


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