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Carpet Cleaning Quotes

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carpet cleaning quotes

Discrimination and Carpet Cleaning customers

She had moved into our area, buying at a very nice neighborhood. When she called her carpet cleaned ASAP to have it immediately rubbed me the wrong way. You know the type. Fighting with you immediately. Applications (Riparian coarse), before you even begin to "tell and sell" your business.

We make an assessment of carpet at home with clients potential before citing any pricing carpet cleaning and upholstery. It allows us to tell the customer what they can expect from the cleaning and what are the cost will be if they charge us.

We charge per square foot, so after measuring the areas she wanted to clean, I have given our exact price down-to-the-penny. I reviewed the films to clean up, which was included in the package we've offered and, finally, the cost of us cleaning the carpet.

It took less than three seconds for her to declare, "It is too much." She said the last company, she had used carpet cleaning and more he has done for half the price I had quoted.

I knew his tone and attitude that was more. This woman did not intend to engage our society. I thank her for her time and left. Returning to my van, I thank silently cleaning the gods that we do not do business with this woman.

However, five minutes after returning to office, she recalled and informed me she wanted us to clean the carpet. The subtleties of time was over. "I thought you said that our price was too high, I said. She replied: "Well, if you do a good job, we'll do it. Is it still possible tomorrow? "Stunned, I told him said he was and that we would be there at 9 pm

After hanging up, I sat there watching the phone and I thought about this turn of events.

This lady was hard to get go. More importantly, she was clearly unhappy before we even set foot in the door to clean his carpet. Why? Because she felt she was overloaded. Whatever we did, no matter how spectacular the results, I was convinced she would find fault with our cleaning because she was already annoyed.

Do I really want to work for her?

I decided to fire her as a potential customer. I called her back and said we would not be cleaning it.

She was incredulous. "You mean that even if I agreed to pay the price, you will still not clean my carpet? "Yes, you got it." I said, it is simply not a good fit. There are many companies with low dirt prices that would like to clean for you. "In fact, I gave him the names of two of our competitors in the call.

"Even if I accepted to pay the price? "These few words speaks volumes for me. She was convinced that I held her for ransom carpet. And if it would clean up the back, it was forced to pay our ransom.

BIG LESSON: You can refuse to work for someone you choose. It is important for your business you embrace the concept.

But is not this discrimination? You bet. Is it ethical? Absolutely. Most people associate the discrimination bias, which bigotry and intolerance at its core.

This is not what I mean. The definition of discrimination as applies to this discussion is "the act, practice or an instance of discrimination categorically rather than individually."

Refusing to work for another is not a personal affront to that person. It is simply a business decision.

REALLY BIG LESSON: Never forget that this is your business. Do you really want to work for anyone money waves in front of you? Working for a difficult client does not steal your joy. It will make you worse than you do not really need. Life is too short and property issues Business is already complex. You do not need people like that I just described as clients.

Now extend this concept further

Many use direct response marketing to get new customers. The discrimination is applicable here.

You do not want not mail everyone simply because they have a heartbeat. Find the average value in your area. Add 10% of the value and it is you want to market. We categorically refuse to clean up mobile homes and apartments. laser focus on homeowners We pleasing homes and more disposable income.

To help you sift and sort prospective clients, have substantial minimum service charge. It takes at least $ 100, preferably more than $ 125, which is after all rebates.

Remember that the line of the last Indiana Jones movie? Before deciding to tens of drinking cups, the old knight told them to "choose wisely." The wrong decision could prove disastrous. As owners Business is the same for us. Choose wisely customers fill your cleaning program. The wrong choice will not necessarily affect disastrous … but it will only feel that way.

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