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Free Fabric and Leather Care Cyber Holiday Giveaway At

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Web Site visitors can get free fabric care and Leather Care Products by only paying shipping and handling (S&H) at


Troy, Michigan, December 1, 2010 – (, an online store which features revolutionary Stain Removal Products, is offering free fabric care and leather care products from The Casite Company as part of the 2010 holiday season promotions. If you need to remove stains from Thanksgiving or protect your fabric and leather during the holidays Casite has the solution.


Fabric Care Cleaning Products

Upon visiting the Web site’s home page (, visitors can click any one of three options of 1) Fabric & Leather Care Kit, 2) Fabric Care Only Kit and 3) an All U Need Kit. Shopping for the products has been made very easy directly from the Stain Hotline home page by clicking the “buy now” button next to each product.


The All U Need Kit includes seven different products that normally retails over $100 and is available by paying only $29.99 S&H per kit. The Fabric Leather Care Kit includes six different products that normally retails over $60 and is available by paying only $19.99 S&H per kit. The Fabric Care Kit includes four different products that normally retails over $50 and is available by paying only $19.99 S&H per kit.


Fabric and Leather Cleaning Products

Previous promotions offered by Stain Hotline this year have been met with a lot of success in reaching new users of the products including the famous Ink B Gone stain remover. The Cyber Holiday Giveaway is only available from Monday, November 29, 2010 on Cyber-Monday through Friday, December 10, 2010 and while supplies last.


“Stain Hotline provides revolutionary products that use natural ingredients and are effective for any household. We feel it is important to get our products into the hands of the consumer to test out,” commented J. John Antakli, President of The Casite Company. “There is no better way to do this but by making the product available for free and only asking for the shipping fee.”


Fabric and Leather Cleaning Products Kit

Casite’s Fabric Care products are professional strength, ready-to-use cleaners that remove stubborn protein and oil based stains from water cleanable textiles and protects from future food and beverage spills. Casite’s Leather Care products are specially formulated to safely clean treated leather and vinyl with natural degreasers. Watch ink, tar, grease, crayons, markers, and dirt disappear from leather and vinyl surfaces. Casite’s Ink B Gone is the latest innovation in ink removal. With all natural ingredients, Ink B Gone safely removes inks, even Sharpie® and other permanent markers, from leather and more! You will be amazed with the performance of all of these premium products.


About The Casite Company


The Casite Company and its consumer products team offer premium products that are engineered to work quickly and safely for the consumer. Their website is your resource for all cleaning and stain removing products. The Casite Company is here help you achieve the results you want and keep those stains away.


Release Contact: Wendy Blankenship, The Casite Company, 530 Stephenson Highway, Suite 200, Troy, MI, 48083, 248-307-4857,



Home Cleaning Services Denver

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home cleaning services denver

Hire the Right Carpet Cleaning Contractors

Carpet cleaning is never an easy task to do by yourself. You need to move a lot of heavy furniture, and washing are generally heavy damage your carpet, which does more harm than good.

It is always wise hiring a contractor carpet cleaning and the right to that. Not all carpet cleaning companies are quite good, and you need to know how to choose contractors that suits your carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Companies

There are many carpet cleaning contractors in Denver. These sub-contractors to provide cleaning services for carpets and charge you on the basis of each room n the basis of each room.

Most carpet cleaners in Denver are well equipped and trained to provide quality service at a cost affordable. They get the job done quickly and with minimal use of harsh chemicals or other harmful substances. They also give you a guarantee service in case you are not satisfied with the cleaning you get.

Hiring the right carpet cleaning roofing

You need to do a little research before choosing the right carpet cleaning roof of your home or office. The investigation first you need to do is ask them questions about the type of chemicals they will use. Some chemicals are harmful to some people and animals suffering from problems health, even if they able to leave your carpets stain. Otherwise, these chemicals can damage your carpet over the long term.

Ask the carpet cleaners in Denver, they have a proper license and offer a service guarantee. If the answer is yes, so it's a red flag. Search for another company for your carpet cleaning.

Ask the carpet cleaners in Denver on type of equipment they use. If they use the latest technology, you can probably be assured of their services. After all, always a good company updates its equipment.

If you're looking for carpet cleaning contractors in Denver then you can consider Chem-Dry of Colorado .

Denver Cleaning Service, 720-922-4110 House, Office cleaning


Cleaning Battery Terminals With Coke

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cleaning battery terminals with coke

A simple way to a kitchen cleaner

Keep a clean kitchen is a task that few of us enjoy. However, it has to do, so Why not make cleaning as easy as possible? Here are some tips for common kitchen cleaning tasks you're likely to encounter frequently.

vinyl flooring seems to attract dirt and stains. Mop your floor with a mild detergent, caught for a while, and then click Finish cleaning. This allows the detergent to penetrate and loosen stains.

To remove water stains on stainless steel sinks (or devices) Dampen a clean cloth with plain white vinegar and clean, then dry with another cloth.

To remove the brands heel of the shoe, use a pencil eraser or rub with a rubber sole shoe.

Remove soap scum and clean your dishwasher economic running a cup or two of vinegar plain white through a complete cycle.

Eliminate refrigerator odors by putting a drop of pure vanilla in a small dish and place it in the back. You can also use a small piece of cloth or cotton.

When food is cooked casseroles and stuck on, try soaking the food stuck on majo teaspoon baking soda dissolved in boiling water couple.

To clean your microwave, place a bowl of water inside and add a dash of vinegar a few tablespoons. Microwave on high for about three minutes. Let stand a few minutes and carefully remove bowl. The interior is now easy to clean.

To clean mixers and food processors, fill halfway with water and add a few drops of liquid soap. Stir for a few seconds, rinse and dry.

To help clean and freshen mills waste, sprinkle with three tablespoons of baking soda, drop some ice cubes, and turn it on. When the ice is crushed and passed, continue to enforce the provision of hot water (about 3 minutes more).

Use an old toothbrush with abrasive or baking soda to clean around the back of valves and other tight places.

Another way to dislodge the food pans cover up with Coca-Cola for a time. This works very well on the battery terminals car too!

If you kept a food made of tomatoes (such as soup or pasta) in a plastic container, chances are it is permanently stained (especially if you microwave food in the container). Whether it can normally not be cleaned, you can avoid it happening again by spraying your container a nonstick cooking spray before each use.

Remove stains from aluminum pans by boiling a liter of water mixed with 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar. Rub gently after a buffer scouring and soap.

Use lids remnants of butter or margarine in bottom of glass bottles of honey, syrup, or oil when they are opened and kept in the refrigerator or cabinets. This will catch the inevitable spills and wash the cover is much easier than cleaning the spill of the platform.

Use a spoon rest near the stove – just so clean, and are not all on the counter.

odors Remove food from microwave keeping an open container of baking soda in between uses.

Battery Corrosion and Coke


Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

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kitchen cleaning chemicals
Moving into a new house needs some cleaning tips?

I'm moving into a new house next month, but the interior is a little run to say the kitchen was least.The once white but is now a dark shade of yellow and the bathroom and toilet and the less said, better. How do I clean the kitchen units to get them white again and how do I get nasty stains off the bath and toilets? Would prefer a natural remedies that I am pregnant and trying to stay away from harsh chemicals, advice welcome though. This is a rented house so can not really touch the units, after leaving my nice clean house because new neighbors from hell … sigh ….. I Greece, but they sell most of the cleaning products in the UK You are all welcome for a glass of vino if you're still going Kos! I'm going take the juice, but you're all Wecome, Thanks for the good advice, will be getting someone in to clean, I want to do if my way!

Sugar soap is also known as "soap decorators, architects to use before they paint because it takes all the grease on the walls without leaving chemical residues. Use it on walls and ceilings. White (distilled) vinegar is great because its anti-bacterial and anti fungal and safe. It also dissolves grease. And baking soda is the same, it removes most stains. For both you use a teaspoon of pint, but the bicarb and hot water needs quite a drop of vinegar. I use Flash lemon on kitchen cabinets. If the tub is enamel, then the fill with hot water and add a few tablets dishwasher detergent, soak and then rinse thoroughly. He will work in the toilets as well.

Kitchen: Industrial Cleaning Hygene Application


Cleaning Prices

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cleaning prices
What were the prices for dental cleaning in 58,68,78,88 and 98?

Please tell me if you know.

Try healthy, no cars

Carpet Cleaning Prices: What’s The True Cost of Carpet Cleaning


Advanced Cleaning Systems Inc

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advanced cleaning systems inc

Cleaning Service Rome GA – Advanced Cleaning Systems 706-290-9989.flv


Guitar Cleaning Products

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guitar cleaning products
What a good product that I found in my house to clean my acoustic guitar?

im running on a low budget so I really wondered what I can use to clean my guitar that I can find in my house or something I can buy pretty good

rubbing alcohol or disinfectant hands (alcohol hand to ward off germs) and you also need a cotton. Put the rub of alcohol or disinfectant hands in cotton and rub it into the handle and please wipe gently and do not do the same in the body of the guitar .. tissue will do.

Gerlitz Guitar Care Review.. ish..


Cleaning And Cutting Leeks

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cleaning and cutting leeks
bearded dragon has been bleeding, he needs to see a vet?

I fed my bearded dragon last night and it was fine but this morning when I woke up, he had three small scratches on his chin. I cleaned and scratches do not look too bad but there was a little blood, it seems that it may have captured one of its scales. I had nearly two years and it never happened before, so I'm not really sure how he did it. I gave him last night leek which he never had before and it seemed really like it so maybe it became too hyper after i left and he was injured? It was very cool, so it may be been too harsh or cripsy. I do not really know. For the moment I'm just keeping cuts clean with hot water and keeping an eye on him. I wondered if there is anything else I should do? If it gets worse he needs to see a vet? And what are the chances of it getting infected? There was no fresh blood since this morning. All advice welcome, Thanks

Hi JD! Looks like you are looking after very good! But – For your own peace of mind – if you think it should be seen by a veterinarian – a rendezvous. They will probably give a certificate of good health – but better safe than sorry! You Put your mind at ease if you are really interested! It is to you, honey – but personally, I would not be worried. I have dealt with much more serious injury to me during the past twenty years! If you want to reduce the risk of bacteria: – Get Some Milton Sterilising fluid (the stuff you clean the bottles with) Boots. It not that expensive – less than £ 2.00 for A-half liter bottle, the last time that I have some way! use half a cap full to a gallon of Milton (5 liters) of water – and keep a supply of this mixture in a sealed flask. The addition of Milton – will reduce the risk of infection nearly zero. Milton I used almost all the time I have been keeping / breeding reptiles. I use it when I clean my vivarium once a week – to disinfect the interior. Veterinarians usually recommend control practices called "Betadyne" or some similar. Do not get me wrong, Betadyne is an excellent product, but such things can be expensive, you can only get from practices Veterinary! The "active ingredient in Betadyne is sodium hypochlorite which is now the" main ingredient "found in the fluid Milton. A pint bottle lasts me about three months – but then I do a lot of terrariums to clean! Good luck – and keep me posted! David

Leek Cleaning QuickTip Video Recipe


Cleaning Your House With Vinegar

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cleaning your house with vinegar
YOUR COMMENTS Our living room fireplace smell of burnt wood and smoke stale after rain. We keep the flap closed when it is not burn. We had a rain hood and a screen installed birds, but even this does not seem to help. I inspected the cement plug and it seems to be in good shape.
Clean Your House With Vinegar!


Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Rental

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Dust Collection Air Cleaning Ventilation Vehicle Exhaust Removal