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Free Fabric and Leather Care Cyber Holiday Giveaway At

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Web Site visitors can get free fabric care and Leather Care Products by only paying shipping and handling (S&H) at


Troy, Michigan, December 1, 2010 – (, an online store which features revolutionary Stain Removal Products, is offering free fabric care and leather care products from The Casite Company as part of the 2010 holiday season promotions. If you need to remove stains from Thanksgiving or protect your fabric and leather during the holidays Casite has the solution.


Fabric Care Cleaning Products

Upon visiting the Web site’s home page (, visitors can click any one of three options of 1) Fabric & Leather Care Kit, 2) Fabric Care Only Kit and 3) an All U Need Kit. Shopping for the products has been made very easy directly from the Stain Hotline home page by clicking the “buy now” button next to each product.


The All U Need Kit includes seven different products that normally retails over $100 and is available by paying only $29.99 S&H per kit. The Fabric Leather Care Kit includes six different products that normally retails over $60 and is available by paying only $19.99 S&H per kit. The Fabric Care Kit includes four different products that normally retails over $50 and is available by paying only $19.99 S&H per kit.


Fabric and Leather Cleaning Products

Previous promotions offered by Stain Hotline this year have been met with a lot of success in reaching new users of the products including the famous Ink B Gone stain remover. The Cyber Holiday Giveaway is only available from Monday, November 29, 2010 on Cyber-Monday through Friday, December 10, 2010 and while supplies last.


“Stain Hotline provides revolutionary products that use natural ingredients and are effective for any household. We feel it is important to get our products into the hands of the consumer to test out,” commented J. John Antakli, President of The Casite Company. “There is no better way to do this but by making the product available for free and only asking for the shipping fee.”


Fabric and Leather Cleaning Products Kit

Casite’s Fabric Care products are professional strength, ready-to-use cleaners that remove stubborn protein and oil based stains from water cleanable textiles and protects from future food and beverage spills. Casite’s Leather Care products are specially formulated to safely clean treated leather and vinyl with natural degreasers. Watch ink, tar, grease, crayons, markers, and dirt disappear from leather and vinyl surfaces. Casite’s Ink B Gone is the latest innovation in ink removal. With all natural ingredients, Ink B Gone safely removes inks, even Sharpie® and other permanent markers, from leather and more! You will be amazed with the performance of all of these premium products.


About The Casite Company


The Casite Company and its consumer products team offer premium products that are engineered to work quickly and safely for the consumer. Their website is your resource for all cleaning and stain removing products. The Casite Company is here help you achieve the results you want and keep those stains away.


Release Contact: Wendy Blankenship, The Casite Company, 530 Stephenson Highway, Suite 200, Troy, MI, 48083, 248-307-4857,



Fabric Care Institute

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fabric care institute
My friend and I are T-shirts for an event with the pain of fabric and iron on letters, I need some ideas?

The T-shirts for our class of cosmetology, it is an annual event called "Bald for Bucks" where people donate their hair "Goin Bald "to benefit cancer research and patient care at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. We need ideas for the tee, as perhaps some good words, heres a thought .. I Be bold, be bald, Be Beautiful .. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks. I know this isn't exactly a "beauty and style" question, but I wasn't sure where else to put ..

I like yours. Sounds really good. Be bold, be bald, be beautiful. Sounds really good for this event.:)

Laundry Nightmares


Fabric Care Silk

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fabric care silk
How can I find a fabric that has a natural armor with "holes" for breathability, a little like Clima-Cool?

A fabric that is a good match for hot weather, one that is luxurious, like silk, but easy maintenance, one that is very high quality.

I agree. There are blends of cotton / linen that feel like silk, but do not show every drop of sweat, and they do not wrinkle as pure linen.

silk fabric presentation


Fabric Care Instructions

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fabric care instructions

Care labels are often missing Bedspreads

A quilt can be used for the winter months but the bedspread is out of the linen closet in the spring when it is warming and the world rose and renew. A bedspread is available in most any color, pattern or fabric and may be one of the more expensive items you put in your room. The government has rules for labeling specific care when it comes to clothes etc. Did you know that these pieces of fabric Discount does not fall within the rule? Care Label Rule 1971 requires that manufacturers and importers of clothing labels to affix to their care products. They need to give instructions on how to adequately care for the products, or specify that it can not be cleaned. Label must also warn against things that could be harmful, such as using an iron or using hot water. I was surprised more than once when the label says dry clean only and I would have thrown in the washing machine. Often, instructions Maintenance is a temporary label, a piece of paper in the plastic, hang tag, or somewhere on the packaging to check clearly before you throw any packaging.

If the care label is missing, what is the best way to proceed to clean the bedspread? This you can do to ensure a beautiful quilt for many years of wear are sure propagation has been pre-shrunk. Fabric can be reduced to two or three percent very easily if it has not been properly stabilized by the manufacturer. Your quilt looks like it is sized for a double bed very quickly if it is reduced as well. Verify the quality points if you have a quilts. The first preference would be to the point of launch vertically and horizontally with the stitches running eight to ten inches apart. Make sure the points are the right length as well. rambling can tear easily and allow fiber filler change when it is washed or cleaned Dry. Check the fiber content of the batter. If you see the wool on a label, note that it will probably shrink in the washing machine. The Fill in your beautiful new bedspread could also become wrinkled if it has the heat sensitive fibers. If this is the case, you can wash cold, but not dry in the dryer, or at least a very cool one. If the quilt you have chosen is a Persian material, it has a luster to the finish. This finish is actually a glaze that may have a limited endurance. Once the spread is washed or cleaned, the enamel can break off and spread your be dull or chalky pill. The fabrics can fade over time especially if the bed is located near the window. Nothing you can do little to stop pulling shades process. Dry cleaning can make a test tone and bedspreads should be better complexion. Clean all matching pillowcases, dust ruffles and curtains and dissemination because the colors will not fade "the same if you do not. These large enough so that you may not be able put it in the conventional washing machine. Do not risk your investment, if you do not know how to take care of your new spread, it leads to a cleaner professional.

Instructions on Treating Tea & Coffee Stains


Fabric Care Company

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fabric care company
How do I fill the void in my basement?

My cat died today, and it is in fact one of the saddest days. My friend which used to be by my side now meet his creator, and now I'm getting used to the fact that will not be beside me or scratching at the door to let in the basement of my house. Now I'm really serious this next part, it hurts because he was in my basement where I really started to take care of him, it was where I used to sit down with my bong and my fan (Toker happy tube fabric softeners, etc..) That's when it serves to keep me company and it when I started to learn life was beautiful. My appreciation for him is forever in my heart and it will never disappear, but it hurts to know my boyfriend is gone … How can I make this sadness that infects my heart go? How can I go in my basement, knowing that he is not there?

I know you want it to stop evil he is gone but unfortunately it did not matter what anyone says it wont make it better, you must go through this grieving process just try to remember good memories of him and if you feel the time is right Maybe you could get a new friend to keep you company

KEYNOTE SPEECH – Paul Pohlman, CEO of Unilever


Forever New Fabric Care Wash

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Greening Your Home â € "How green is your house? Few changes All Upa € Add" Fourteen Tips

Use eco-friendly paint

When re-decorating with paint, it is best to use herbal or Paint with low volatile organic compounds. Most paint companies now offer a range of eco friendly paint. But it pays to do your work home and choose the best. Choosing the right paint will reduce the benefit of all toxins, including those with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Using the right color means the environment will benefit because of reduced discharge, groundwater and ozone contaminants. Painting with Low VOC good results in terms of coverage, and scrubability hideability (covering flaws on previous coats).

Water based

Water based paints can be cleaned easily with soap and warm water. Have little or no hazardous fumes. Low odor during application and odorless once the paint is dry. In the absence of areas off-gassing paints can be occupied sooner, without complaining odors. The paintings are not considered hazardous waste.

Easy Cleaning

Cleanup and disposal greatly simplified. Some paints are eco Livos, The Company of real milk paint and Porters. The types of paints are coated with lime, french wash, oxides and treatments acrylic. The a report on interior paints available on the site.

Select furniture pre

Instead of buying new furniture can be worth to forage and select pre-loved furniture. A few years ago I made a series of interviews with exposure at home. I enjoyed meeting the exhibitors. I had an interesting discussion with a furniture dealer loved before. He said he was concerned about the furniture at low prices on offer in many stores.

It many young people felt would be better to buy the most well made, sturdy furniture second hand furniture fragile new. He said many of his modern classics only retain their value and can be resold at the same price they were purchased. He was shocked by the willingness to throw away when new finished furniture quality.

A number of years, I created a table in the cafe of my stepmother old Acts travel trunk. She had last used the trunk Travel to Australia in the 1960s. It is unfortunate that I had to cover travel stickers much of India, Algeria, Pakistan and other fascinating places, the surfaces were severely damaged and had to be well covered. All items in our house this coffee table attracts the most comments.

Purchase energy efficient appliances

For people living in older homes with old equipment is the key to the homework before buying a new appliance. The funniest that the old models seem to last forever. When replacing a washing machine, it is recommended that you choose a front loader. They more efficient water and are gentler on clothes.

Choose a refrigerator that is sufficient for your needs. Many people in the U.S. and Australia have large refrigerators. Our European counterparts simply small refrigerators. It is best to choose a model with the note highest energy. Installing a solar hot water system can reduce energy bills by 65 percent. Use motion detector exterior lighting means that when someone is at home means no energy is wasted.

Double glazing

Double glazing, much more expensive to install to reduce heating bills. So they are profitable in the long term particularly in colder areas. Glazing and blinds can be used in combination of two aspects to the north of a house. This will maximize the light Winter warming in winter and summer sun to reduce difficult.

Swags and caps project

Last valances on the windows and installation project to cap the door stop hot air escaping. They will also stop cold air from creeping in. Curtains, draperies, bedding, bath and upholstery selections must be made of natural fabrics, wool, cotton or linen. These fabrics are more durable. Nylon, acrylic or polyester is petroleum based.

Install lighting to save Energy

Install skylight to add light to dark interiors that save energy. Or, use compact fluorescent bulbs last eight times longer and use less energy. LED lighting is another option.

grow vegetables and herbs

Set up a vegetable and / or herb garden. I have a little Italian in the laws that are now in the eighties. They still grow all their vegetables, olives and make their own bread. They remain active, healthy thin. Potted plants used properly can also add atmosphere. They are effective in capturing nuisance odors and effectively dissipate the compounds VOCs.

Replace flooring material with a renewal option

When replacing coverings soil, it is wise to choose materials for renewal sisal, for example, coir (coconut), seagrass, wool and Cork. lino flooring is back fashion, is made from cork, flour, flaxseed (linseed) oil, chalk and jute makes it very environmentally friendly. Nylon, acrylic or polyester are petroleum-based products and should be avoided.

Other options for wood floors renewable solid usually without chemical additives. When selecting the wood, it is preferable to use wood grown in plantations or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for sustainable management of timber certification. Ideally choose from recycled wood. Some other good options are eco friendly Masonite, cork, rubber and bamboo. It pays to be cautious.

Be Water Wise

Also take into account Stormwater avoid areas that may cause totally pathed runoff. Use porous flow or tiles that allow space for the soil and grass to grow. Install a rainwater tank connected to fill the washing machine. This water can also be used for toilets or watering the garden. During leave a bare soil landscaped area for a compost bin.

A few years ago, my husband and I attended Water Wise Garden Seminar. One of the most interesting suggestions was to take care not to overwater your garden. It was recommended to irrigate plants frequently when the plant first. Then, slowly, reducing the time to water the plants. This encourages them to establish systems deep roots.

In Australia we have had many years of drought. Many of our plants and trees have survived. Many gardeners want killed their plants with kindness. We also tend to plants on home water.

Use water budget wise ideas. For Taking the example of washing dishes in water and water for bathing children to water the plants. Buy and use a greywater pipe (they may be purchased at hardware stores). Perhaps consider composting toilets and / or use dual-flush (Cosmos Caroma's). You also use the adapter kits to minimize water consumption in the existing toilets.

Switch to low-flow heads shower

Take care when selecting wallpaper

Avoid wallpaper PVC polyvinyl vinyl chloride-based product carcinogenic dioxin during production that accumulate in water and air and are absorbed by most animals.

Four other tips for greening your home and life

Homes built with the north, Australia aspects will maximize the light of winter and reduce the warming sun of the summer hard.

Borrow books and videos the library rather than going to a bookstore or video store. Save money too.

Avoid bottled water. Buy a bottle of water for all in the family, put their name on them, and filling.

Use newspaper instead of paper towels to clean exterior windows and glass doors.

There are many things we can do little to green our homes. Those mentioned above are only few options available to us.

Geoff Stewart on his record for five States House Energy Star Rating Services â € ~ Good design is not cost the earth and poor design "

Authors@Google: Ray Anderson


Fabric Care Rayon

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fabric care rayon
fabric dye question .. 10 pts?

ok .. I have a dress thats black film and I want to dye it another color …. Is it possible to do that if the fabric of the coat film (like most dresses) is not cotton. I think as rayon% 10 95% spandex sound. I thought to do with Dylon dye, because I live near a tissue Joanne …. but I do not know what I do to get another color. I do not care if it turns gray or burgundy .. simply not …. black What should I do …. Thank you best answer gets 10 pts. and please speak from experience.

If your dress is black, the dead will not help. Put the color on top of the black will darkest black. You need to bleach the color first, see and how it looks from there. Different fabrics and dyes react differently, so I'm sorry I can not be more specific.

Kimono Fashion Show – Kyoto Nishijin Textile 2


Fabric Care Symbols Chart

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fabric care symbols chart

Lec 4 | MIT 3.091 Introduction to Solid State Chemistry


Fabric Care Research Association

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fabric care research association

Compact Spinning

  5 years ago, as a process of spinning compact spinning was introduced in China. It is known Spinning technological innovation

     Today, there are about less than a production capacity of 700,000 tons of compact spinning prices higher than the average 5,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan higher than the cost of profit above the 1000 to 2000 yuan.

By 2010 China compact spinning reach 3 million, which is starting this year, five years, the compact spinning China's existing 680 .000 based on the increase over 200 million spindles.

As compact spinning technology in China is still immature technology, the face of such a large space for development, The most practical is the cotton spinning companies are most concerned is that it can actually output the number of business efficiency, this, this reporter conducted an investigation.

Goal-oriented high-end products

As a technological innovation spinning spinning compact is a ring-spinning technology improvements in the processes of yarn quality rose significantly, mainly used to meet tissue high quality and weaving needs. According to a cotton mill in Wuxi, Jiangsu, Zhang Bo, compact line technology spinning son's strength has increased by 10% -15%, The rupture rate has dropped by about 30%, clothes increase the degree of improvement of this process to respond effectively to the tissues of high quality and weaving needs of the end for the high-end menswear shirts and fabrics.

At present, China Technology compact spinning is in its infancy, and there was more international than the gap. According to the survey at the end of 2005, The China cotton, Wuxi, Anhui Huamao, Jada Fujian, Shandong Lutai, a vineyard in Jinan, Shandong Demian, Shandong German sources, etc. 16 companies have a cotton mill variety of models of compact spinning 68 10000, which represents domestic compact spinning third. From the perspective of the model, China's cotton machinery industry There are two narrow textile principal ways: First, the introduction of foreign key equipment, the transformation of the internal machine spinning like Wuxi, a cotton mill, now the majority of companies use this approach applied. Secondly, the whole community International has created a complete set of equipment for spinning, as in Shandong Lutai Textile Co., Ltd.. From the production point of regional of view, the introduction of more cotton spinning firms in Shandong, about 67, mainly in the cotton mill base narrow. At current production capacity of the largest source of cotton spinning firms in Shandong, Germany 24 million spindles, is the owner of the largest production capacity of compact spinning companies, on the other hand, Shandong Province, and Wuxi, a Lutai 70000 or to cotton and other cotton textile companies also more than in the pilot phase, usually focused in the 2-3 million spindles.

"Plan for the Development of Science and textile technology, "said that by 2010, China almost three million dollars will be spinning, compact spinning our country there are more 200 10.000 space for development. This has been applied to this technology and compensation of flavors "of textile companies, could limit significantly their space for future development, however, is still immature for the period of development of compact spinning of China to adopt an approach cautious robust. China Hsu Wen-English Cotton Textile Industry Association in December last year, the seminar of experts near spinning stressed the value of promoting compact spinning, but it should not blind obedience. With the compact spinning technology, the most popular more by the textile market, is currently a lot of cotton spinning firms peep, many textile companies plan to introduce cotton, but due to Their important contribution, expensive, high consumption, especially in large and constraints of energy consumption in its development. Investment Compact spinning equipment and operating costs are high, the current implementation of compact spinning machine put in about about 2200 yuan for each axis, the introduction of technology in the transformation of the old machine is about 900 yuan for each pin, if a machine spinning 480 calculation, a transformation of the cost of spinning is more than 40 million euros. Therefore, the compact spinning technology, many investments, if prices do not increase after the product, companies there is a risk of costs. Therefore, the investment must be compact spinning careful search, it is important monuments of products and markets. Currently, the compact spinning technique necessary for the production of high quality, especially high quality products dyed son. Therefore, the intention to invest in compact spinning technology, companies must be regarded as a good input-output.

Current efficiency is considerable

Some of the country has a compact spinning technology, the cotton spinning companies agreed that the current demand of the potential market for compact spinning, the prospects are good, the competitiveness of product markets is considerable. In compact spinning to see the benefits to the business of production, near t Yarn spinning the average price of more expensive when more than 50%, is currently around 20% -30%, businesses can use compact spinning "high – The amount of "benefits to compensate for weaving on costs. Can be seen, the output of the compact spinning may be considerable benefits for the company.

Using the compact spinning technology, cotton with cotton spinning business class will be reduced accordingly, the amount of tons of cotton yarn with a return of reduced improving spinning, spinning end breakage caused by a decrease in the number of booths has increased, the market price of the five ways to increase directly reflects the economic benefits. Compact spinning compact spinning technology, effect on value added is an important demonstration of the value, this value is compact spinning characteristics of superior quality, through the market son, reflected sales price. Compact Spinning application downstream value added has been gradually expanding, it is understood compact spinning shortage on the market today. According to German sources the plant over the person in charge, per ton of compact spinning the sale price higher than the average 5,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan higher that the cost of profit above the yuan from 1000 to 2000. He said that because the market demand compact spinning, although their ability to compact spinning 24 million spindles, between the capacity of the nation compact router, but still can not meet customer demand, and because the profitability of products is significant so Deyuan Son Company Limited plans to continue to develop in the future will be compact spinning capacity. Although compact spinning short supply, but the current price of the company spinning compact as the business of cotton spinning close to other low 1,000 yuan / ton, mainly to capture market share.

Compact spinning face of the final product is mainly used to produce a top international clothing range. It is understood that Germany and the factory mainly produces compact source son of spinning, yarn, etc. Ya Geer sold primarily to be used to produce high-quality clothing fabrics and business shirts. Wuxi, a cotton mill and the final product is an international focus upscale casual. Zhang Bo, Wuxi Textile Mill side of the 2002 introduction of compact spinning technology, the beginning, because the price is relatively high, there are difficulties in marketing, after a period of running the market, the market has been gradually understanding, now has also been gaining market acceptance and sales of the situation very well. When a journalist questioned after several setbacks in recent years, expansion Lutai Textile Group Co., Ltd. Shandong responsible person, person in charge of its own compact spinning all refused interview. But the reporter has learned that Shandong Lutai narrow fabrics dyed spinning son used in the production of high-end, the final product is exported to Europe, shirts and clothes, very cheap prospects are also considerable.

Is clear about the benefits spinning compact and the market outlook is very important. However, last year, the cotton textile mills in China began to cry said that the difficult times, the profit margins have declined. In such circumstances, can not help a growing number of companies spinning cotton will look to close the lock spinning, although the existence of compact spinning characteristics of large investments, but a number of cotton companies are spinning trials, there are many companies in the cotton textile look.

Chongqing Vice President Lu Yong Textile Co., Ltd. Ruyi Haikang compact in last year's seminar of experts said that the spinning current view, the price of spinning compact compared to the ring have a certain space, a business should be on this technology can not wait until the technology is mature after the. When my spinning technology compact becomes more widely used in cotton spinning business competition in the market will be more intense, profit margins are reduced accordingly, with the attendant commercial benefits will be reduced. From the perspective of developing long-term companies to obtain long term substantial benefits, it can not rely solely on compact spinning long, we should examine how the spinning and knitting compact organized organic dye, allows businesses to obtain better and longer-term benefits.
Health Care Stakeholder Discussion: Physicians