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Ink Stain In Leather

April 21, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ink stain in leather
Inkpen stain leather interior in the car!?

My 4 years has the ink inside the car, someone knows how to remove the stain?

If is on a pigmented leather (which is yours), then the first thing you should try is a stick ink. The freshness of the ink more likely you are to remove. It's a good idea to have one your home if you have pale skin and children! You must also use a good quality leather protector on your suite. This will act as a coating "and will do more mishaps easier to clean. If an ink stick does not work a solvent based solvent should be used and it may also remove finish and pigment is preferable to allow the experts. Use hairspray or alcohol is very risky because it can make the case much more serious because it can spread the ink over a larger surface (including aniline style leather) and can sometimes be impossible to fix. nail nail polish or other solvents to remove the finish and pigment that must be replaced. DO NOT USE Baby wipes as they are the worst thing you can use on leather as they break on arrival and finally ruin. Please do not try milk or toothpaset these are silly ideas that leave residue on the sticky surface that helps to break the finish on your leather. old ink will be harder to remove than new ink and may mean the use of solvents which will also remove the finish line. This is probably best left to experts. Silicones / furniture Poles are the worst thing to use on leather, as they form a coating on the surface of the leather which will not allow moisture to get to the leather and will eventually break all the finish and to crack. Leather needs water and should not be protected against it. Leather does not need conditioning it needs cleaning and protecting on a regular basis with water based products this will keep it rehydrated and supple. Oils will make things worse. Leather should be cleaned gently not scrubbed elbow grease "if" it does damage the finish. Nail polish remover / solvents remove the finish on the leather, even if you can not say that it is doing and Alcohol can do the same thing depending on the strength of the leather finishing. Hide food will not remove ink and leave residues on the leather which will attract dirt and oils. Source (s): consultnts leather furniture care and cleaning industries

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Ink Stains On Leather

April 18, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ink stains on leather
What is the best way toremove ink stain on a leather bag (coach) without damaging leather?

I suggest return to the Coach store you bought it at, and consult. They probably have some kind of spray or cream that can work. My experience is if the brand of ink is deeply embedded in the leather, it will not go away. Try it, good luck, but I do not think it will work.

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Ink Stain Hair Spray

April 17, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ink stain hair spray
How to remove ink stains from a old shirt?

Somehow my favorite shirt got yellow ink stains on it, but I did not discover this until they are no longer fresh. I used milk, rubbing alcohol and hairspray but in vain (but not all at the same time). Now, I am soaking the stain in hydrogen peroxide, which seems be loosening it a bit, but not to remove him. What other products or home remedies I can use to remofe stains?

Bleach ….

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Remove Ink Stain Clothes

April 11, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

remove ink stain clothes
How to remove items Hairspray ball ink stains clothes were washed and dried?

Would alcohol friction damage to the fabric? What is the active ingredient in the paint that works on removing ink stains?

it is not. Once dry your clothes the stain is set. you must apply hairspray before you wash. I find the cheapest paint works best, as the aqua-net. I do not know why it works, I just know that I used this method and it works. PS I also use a laundry very good quality detergent … tide is the bomb … well worth the money

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Remove Ink Stain Fabric

March 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

remove ink stain fabric
How can I remove grease stains from my Home-Made QUILT??

I made my mother a quilt 2 Christmases ago and some parts of are images. It is this fabric that you buy at a craft store and you can print photos on it. Well in fact, the grease stains on the parties eu. I can not use a pen with bleach, because it removes the ink from the image. I tried to go around things and he improved somewhat, but it will not leave the whole way. Suggestions?

Dawn dish soap works good fat. try on a small spot and lightly rub with a clean damp sponge. If you think you can machine wash the quilt, put a bit of dawn on all spots and soak in the washer for some time, spin the water. Do not shake it (or just use the cycle stir for one minute or so) that cause unnecessary wear of the fabric. If the washer is not an option, then try the towel on all spots. Good luck, I know many quilts are work, and what a shame to have one dirty

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Ink Stain Removal

March 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ink stain removal
Remove stains help?!?

Ok, so my new color denim jeans wet and ran and stained my white sweatshirt. now there is a Well less noticeable on my blue shirt. how do I get ink on white denim?! Thank you! :) This is not broken his white white


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Ink Stain Alcohol

March 12, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ink stain alcohol
How can I remove black ink from a colored shirt?

ink pen My son has fled in his pocket its new Abercrombie shirt. I try to save him. lol I tried spraying and Washington, I also tried alcohol stains on the blotter.

I went to a "dance Father Daughter Saturday night and I spilled red juice on my GIRLS Behind while slow dancing with her, (EC SHE WAS a good sport). But anyway, we got home and soaked dress in a sink full of water hot spoon "other brand" all night. THE TASK Was spent the morning! That is great! I'm not saying it will work, but his sentence If this attempt fails! GOOD LUCK! JAS ~ ~

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Ink Stain Removal Carpet

February 26, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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I have a heavy body acrylic ink stain on my carpet. Does anyone know any ideas of reference?

These spots are the ink used for screen printing. I made this whole affair worse by rubbing in, and trying to cut the carpet so it would not show. I have all my deposit when I move in a week.

Try hairspray. I know this may sound weird, but hairspray will remove ink stains SOME. Try it in a game to see if it will work. Good Luck.

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Ink Stains On Leather Handbag

February 22, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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What do you use to clean magic marker Sharpie ink on a wooden table without damaging the finish? ?

I also the same ink on my girlfriends patented leather bag two elements are colored and a magic eraser will do the trick, this is a result of my self-induced tattoo … lol …

Sometimes just using the same marker with a paper towel after it. The marker makes the liquid ink again and you can wipe it off .. But quick! May not work on leather, but could the wood.

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Remove Ink Stain Suede

February 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

remove ink stain suede
remove blue ink pen mark type micro suede?

I know this is not true since we bought the suede glider and ottoman Wal-Mart. lol! anyway, my 5 years old put a blue ink pen Nice little spot on the ottoman … any ideas how to clean it? I havent touched yet because I do not want to do worse. please help! the fabric is dark and cream place is very noticeable. Thank you, it like rubbing alcohol worked – a little ink is back on the carpet as I deleted it so that most of it seems to have disappeared. Thank you! taylee, you're the best! everything is dry and I just took a look – i cannot even see where the stain was! I can not tell you thank them enough.

I always use rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth. It brings every time! =)

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