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Free Fabric and Leather Care Cyber Holiday Giveaway At

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Web Site visitors can get free fabric care and Leather Care Products by only paying shipping and handling (S&H) at


Troy, Michigan, December 1, 2010 – (, an online store which features revolutionary Stain Removal Products, is offering free fabric care and leather care products from The Casite Company as part of the 2010 holiday season promotions. If you need to remove stains from Thanksgiving or protect your fabric and leather during the holidays Casite has the solution.


Fabric Care Cleaning Products

Upon visiting the Web site’s home page (, visitors can click any one of three options of 1) Fabric & Leather Care Kit, 2) Fabric Care Only Kit and 3) an All U Need Kit. Shopping for the products has been made very easy directly from the Stain Hotline home page by clicking the “buy now” button next to each product.


The All U Need Kit includes seven different products that normally retails over $100 and is available by paying only $29.99 S&H per kit. The Fabric Leather Care Kit includes six different products that normally retails over $60 and is available by paying only $19.99 S&H per kit. The Fabric Care Kit includes four different products that normally retails over $50 and is available by paying only $19.99 S&H per kit.


Fabric and Leather Cleaning Products

Previous promotions offered by Stain Hotline this year have been met with a lot of success in reaching new users of the products including the famous Ink B Gone stain remover. The Cyber Holiday Giveaway is only available from Monday, November 29, 2010 on Cyber-Monday through Friday, December 10, 2010 and while supplies last.


“Stain Hotline provides revolutionary products that use natural ingredients and are effective for any household. We feel it is important to get our products into the hands of the consumer to test out,” commented J. John Antakli, President of The Casite Company. “There is no better way to do this but by making the product available for free and only asking for the shipping fee.”


Fabric and Leather Cleaning Products Kit

Casite’s Fabric Care products are professional strength, ready-to-use cleaners that remove stubborn protein and oil based stains from water cleanable textiles and protects from future food and beverage spills. Casite’s Leather Care products are specially formulated to safely clean treated leather and vinyl with natural degreasers. Watch ink, tar, grease, crayons, markers, and dirt disappear from leather and vinyl surfaces. Casite’s Ink B Gone is the latest innovation in ink removal. With all natural ingredients, Ink B Gone safely removes inks, even Sharpie® and other permanent markers, from leather and more! You will be amazed with the performance of all of these premium products.


About The Casite Company


The Casite Company and its consumer products team offer premium products that are engineered to work quickly and safely for the consumer. Their website is your resource for all cleaning and stain removing products. The Casite Company is here help you achieve the results you want and keep those stains away.


Release Contact: Wendy Blankenship, The Casite Company, 530 Stephenson Highway, Suite 200, Troy, MI, 48083, 248-307-4857,



Free Sample of InkBGone Ink Removal Product Offered by

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Web Site visitors can earn a free bottle of InkBGone by completing a quick registration form

Detroit, Michigan, October 18, 2010 – (, an online store which features revolutionary Stain Removal Products, is offering the opportunity to “Earn a Free InkBGone Ink Removal Sample” by completing a short, registration form. The free 1 oz bottle of InkBGone typically sells for $9.95.  Made from all natural ingredients, InkBGone safely removes ink, even Sharpie® and other permanent markers, from leather and more.

sharpie permanent marker stain removerUpon visiting the Web site’s home page (, visitors can click the “register today” link to reach the registration form ( ).  To receive the free InkBGone sample bottle, the respondent must complete the registration form with a valid email address and shipping address in the United States.  Following registration, the visitor must also verify their email address through a confirmation email.

The InkBGone promotion was offered before this year with a lot of success in reaching new users of the product.  For this reason this new promotion offer is limited to new registrants only.  If you have received a free sample in the past, you would not be eligible for this promotion.

“InkBGone is the latest innovation in ink removal.  It even removes Sharpie® and other permanent inks,” commented J. John Antakli, President of The Casite Company.  “InkBGone is made from all natural ingredients and safely removes ink from a variety of surfaces.  With this free InkBGone offer, we are encouraging consumers to try the product and provide their feedback. They will be truly amazed with the performance of this ink removal product.”

InkBGone is a Casite Company product.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Partnership Program, Design for the Environment’s (DfE) Safer Product Labeling Program has recognized a number of Casite’s cleaners with the DfE Safer Product label.  The DfE mark enables consumers to quickly identify and choose products that can help protect the environment and are safer for families.

The free InkBGone sample is being offered to the first 2,500 visitors who properly complete the simple registration at ( and verify their email address.  InkBGone safely removes permanent marker, ink pen, grease pens, cosmetics, and crayon from the following surfaces:
•    Leather & Vinyl
•    Plastics
•    White Boards
•    Furniture
•    Skin
•    And More!

Available for purchase at (, InkBGone is the latest innovation from The Casite Company and its consumer products team. is a top resource for safe, environmentally friendly stain removal products.  InkBGone and other Casite products are engineered to safely and effectively remove stains, as well as protect fabric, leather, vinyl, and many other surfaces from future stains.

About InkBGone

InkBGone is the latest innovation from The Casite Company and its consumer products team.  Casite offers premium products that are engineered to work quickly and safely for the consumer. InkBGone is available for purchase at (, which is a top resource for safe, environmentally friendly stain removal and upholstery protection products.

Release Contact: Wendy Blankenship, The Casite Company, 530 Stephenson Highway, Suite 200, Troy, MI, 48083, 248-307-4857,


Stain Removal Emulsion Paint

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Remove spots, how to remove the beer from an emulsion painted wall?

i kicked around a glass beer off the other day and it splashed all over the wall. I tried using a damp cloth to remove the stain, but just completed removing the paint as well. Does anyone have ideas on how to remove it or is it a case of having to paint on it?

If plain water has removed the paint, everything and anything will remove paint. Sorry. You have only two choices … live with stain or paint the room. Some tips for you If you re-paint: 1. Painting with a glossy shine a little … Use semi-gloss or satin. It is easy to wash the dirt in the paint finishes. The finishes are not flattering to clean. Semi-Gloss is generally used as bathrooms, kitchens and corridors. If the room is not one of those areas, try to use satin. 2. Painting with a color softly. White shows dirt still … and so do all the colors of light. Dark colors make a room look like a cave depressing. The compromise solution is a color softly. Choose a color from the middle of a paint sample card – not the colors at the top or bottom of the map. 3. Prime before painting to avoid beer and other dirt stains Bleeding Through. Kilzer ™ is an excellent introduction which is available everywhere. Good luck. –


Stain Remover Oil

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stain remover oil

Carpet stain removers and cleaners

Impeccably clean rugs add elegance to your interior rooms. keep clean carpets and in good condition is essential in maintaining their appeal. stain removers carpet cleaners and play an important role in this regard.

Stains Conquer with Carpet Cleaning products

ink stains, wine stains, shoe polish, lipstick and coffee stains are sometimes difficult to remove from carpet surfaces. Participating in these spots in a timely and appropriate to maintain the beauty of your carpet. You need to do is to have a good carpet stain remover to reach hand. Carpet stain removers come with powerful cleaners that are specially designed for the immediate removal of spots and stains. Some models Carpet stain removers are strong enough to remove both oil based and water based stains. In fact, the stain, even with the end need to scrub or clean your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning offers a range of solutions

Modern carpet cleaners take spots various forms and have properties that can remove stains in minutes. Carpet cleaners as concentrated shampoos that dry quickly, stain for carpets that cool, light and restore the texture of carpets, fabrics and foam carpet deodorizers, odor eliminators non-toxic and deodorants to freshen the entire room are products that go far long way in renovating and maintaining your carpet a beautiful space healthy living.

When using Spot and Stain Remover "> carpet cleaners, you must go into products that are not damaging the mat. Choose products that keep them soft in good condition.

Popular and reliable brands such as WD-40 Company, Franklin Cleaning Technology, Amrep and many others offer a full range of stain removers and carpet cleaners. Just browse the web and find an online store with products you want buy. fine retailers still offer great discounts for purchases you make of them.

oil stain remover Ask Jon Eakes about Oil lift


Laundry Stain Removal Guide

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laundry stain removal guide

A Step-By-Step Guide To Puppy-Proof Your House

If you are planning to bring your puppy home, it's just the first step. You must get your house ready for him. You're going to have lots to do around the house. After all, puppies are not so different from toddlers and children like you want to explore all areas of your home.

But how do you know if your home is safe and ready for your new puppy? Below is a checklist for you to take note of before you bring home your new puppy:

  1. Clear Your House articles Toxic – Have you cleared your house of all toxic elements and taken out of the reach of your puppy? If you do not, it is better to do immediately. The cleaning solutions, detergents, bleach, disinfectants, insecticides, fertilizers, mothballs and antifreeze must be stored in closets or up on shelves beyond his reach. Of course, as it grows, and has an adventure sequence, it is sure to jump on your shelves to see what is the case.
  2. Secure all food and medicine unauthorized – These points will cause food poisoning or damage to the health of your dog – Medications such as Motrin and Tylenol causes liver damage. Common Products household food which are harmful include alcoholic beverages, avocado (the only "fatty" member of the vegetable family), the coffee, yeast dough salt, garlic, fatty foods – Turkey, artificial sweeteners – Xylitol, potatoes, onion, nuts, chocolate, raisins dry.
  3. Uproot all life-threatening plants – Did you plant death at home? Some plants that are harmless to humans can be fatal to your puppy, including spinach, apricot kernels and tomato vines. To find a detailed list of toxic houseplants Common, you can visit this site: can also ask your veterinarian for more facilities of this type that could affect your pet's health and life – If your dog has ingested poisonous plants, please contact: Animal Poison Control Center to – 888-HELP-4ANI – (888-426-4435)
  4. Keep away from dangerous items – Place electrical connections out of the reach of your puppy for he will not get to bits or chew on them. Pick up and keep dangerous loose items such as nails, if they are located around. Keep all sharp objects such as pins, needles, screwdrivers and scissors within reach of your puppy. This is to prevent your puppy to swallow as such items can damage his mouth and internal organs.
  5. Supervise the movement of your puppy – do not leave your puppy is by himself, unattended for long periods, regardless of being inside and out. Also, remember to keep away from balconies, porches and decks higher up or it may simply pass through the gates and fall. Note that you must always keep your toilet seat cover down: Puppies sometimes like to play in the water. Frolicking in the toilet is as harmful as it can swallow the toilet cleaner. In Also, do not tie ribbons around the neck because he can chew, which can cause digestive problems and starter himself if the ribbon hooked on other things.

Preparation of the Essential Supplies "> Dogs

  1. Food and bowls of water – solid and stable Select bowls that do not tip when he eats or drinks out of it. Are they easy to clean? Buy one each for food and water. Initially, buy small bowls, then he grows up, buy him the greatest. If you do this, it does not develop the habit of eating too much for his age, nor does it fall into his water bowl every time he goes for a drink.
  2. Dog Collar – It A wide variety of lightweight collars available for your puppy. No matter which you choose, attach an identification tag, listing the name Your puppy, your address and telephone number.It is advisable to purchase a lightweight nylon or leather collar for him first. To buy one that fits well, you should take the time to measure his neck. To do this, measure the circumference of the neck and add two inches of him. To sure the collar fits properly, slide two fingers between the collar and your puppy's neck. The size is good if it fit nicely without being too loose or tight. But if too much space, you need a small hill. If your fingers do not fit in comfortably, the collar size is too small. Your puppy may take a little time to adjust to his neck, so give him time to get used to.
  3. Leash – Leashes come in several lengths and styles, such as leather, nylon and retractable leashes. You can choose to buy more freedom for up to six feet, and use both for walking and training dog.It is important to keep your dog on a leash unless in a macro as a fenced in yard. In many parts of the United States, there is coupling of laws which make it obligatory for all dog owners to leash their dogs when they are in places public. If your dog is not to be on a leash, you can be fined. If your dog happens to defecate in public places, we expected to clean up after him.
  4. home furnishings – Grooming he means investing in a number of tools, but this will depend the breed of dog you buy and its length hair. For breeds with short hair, do invest in a natural bristle brush, a comb or rubber glove hand. With wide-toothed metal combs, flea combs and mat splitters are needed for long-haired breeds.
  5. Dog Toys – To know and exercise your puppy, buy him some toys, so it's easy to get more exercise and their desire chew. Choose toys specifically designed for kids – who can not be broken, torn or swallowed. What's fun and safe to have fleas rawhide, nylon chews and hard rubber balls. And if they do not fit comfortably into his mouth, it is not good for him.
  6. Recommended food for puppies – Give him his food and essential nutrients to accustom to a feeding schedule. Ask Consult your breeder directly or from your veterinarian.
  7. Dog Crate or sleeping – A case is essentially a large metal cage, plastic or wood. Available in several sizes, the cage must be large enough for your dog to stand, turn around easily and lie down in. It should be ventilated. It is recommended to set up staging area for your puppy in a place where it is warm, comfortable and within your sight. The fund may be natural den for your dog by offering additional protection when he left alone. A case can also be a box of laptop attached plastic or single thread crate.When you buy a case of adult size, also buy partitions or place a cardboard box in the back serving as a comfortable place for him. Outside the box, set up a sleeping area for him, for when you're at home and the body is not used. Buy a dog bed companies instead of an adult size bed, so it is safe and snug.When used properly, credit to encourage good sleep habits, of deter wrongdoing and to help house train your dog. It may also be a safe delivery for your dog when not supervised home or when driving. A cage is so useful, each owner must have one!
  8. Stain remover and perfume – To take the smell away from his nose, Buy a stain remover and perfume. This contributes to the internal training and maintenance of your house clean.

Listed above are the basic target = "_self" title = "Pet supplies, equipment, dog training"> pet supplies you need to prepare when a puppy is to join your family. Take the time to ensure that your house was "puppy-proof and you will see that the preparation will socialize your puppy is much easier!

Housekeeping Instructions : Mustard Stain Removal


Blood Stain Removal Hydrogen Peroxide

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blood stain removal hydrogen peroxide

Remove Dog Tear Stains – Promote Pet Visual Health

The red / brown marks on the inside corner just under the eyes of our dogs, we all know that tear stains. You see them most often on light colored fur, which makes the tear stains more visible. As the name of "tear stains" suggests, they are caused by an overflow of tears that react with normal bacteria found on the skin that produces the dark. Guilty joint produces aesthetically unpleasant tear stain is an organization known as Ptyrosporin or red yeast.

Genetics Health, allergies, water, food, fleas, bacterial infections and ear

Low grade bacterial infections in the tear ducts may be the cause of excess tearing and staining as well as other opportunities related to genetics, health, allergies, diet, fleas, and even ear infections .

In small dogs, it is not altogether uncommon for the lower tear ducts are closed. Surgery to open could be eventually be necessary.

Veterinary consultation is appropriate to determine the source of dog tear staining problem. Ask your vet give the dog a thorough examination to eliminate all serious eye conditions before attempting anything.

Hair The decline in the eyes causes irritation and infections

Pay special attention to ensure that the hair around the face of your dog is not fall into his eyes, which can cause irritation and infection. Equal attention should be given to be sure soap does not become an irritation when bathing.


The water in many regions has high levels of minerals. On the colored fur that which can be evidenced by a full beard and his face covered to be. Purified or bottled water may help to remedy.


Plan is another area that plays a role in tear staining. Not only tear stains, but the health of your dog, you should be feeding a natural diet without additives, preservatives or food dyes.

Fleas, mites and ear infections

The chips can also be a source of tear stains. Fleas need moisture to survive and tears are an excellent source of this moisture. This may cause irritation with staining the dirt is flea feces containing chips digested blood. With the chips just the related problem of ear mite which are transported by fleas. Ear mites can cause painful ear infections, also stains with tears, and should be treated immediately by your veterinarian.

Beware offers to refrain from using formulas home

Dog tears remedies home spots exist, using a mixture of milk of magnesia, corn starch, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, boric acid and lemon juice. However, the harsh ingredients can irritate and get screwed the worst. A dog tear stain remover should be free of alcohol or bleach. If these ingredients are not mixed properly, using precisely the right strength, and applied safely, you could potentially harm your dog.

No solution should be allowed to drain in facial hair or splash into the eyes of the animal, or in the area eyes. For this reason, prudence suggests that you turn to prescription products, and refrain from using these formulas home.

A natural solution for cleaning, everything is easily accessible

All natural cleansing ingredients in an herbal tincture are readily available and effectively cleanse unsightly tear stains from pets and that support general eye and vision health by controlling bacterial and fungal growth, reducing inflammation and soothing to the eyes.

What are the ingredients?

Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) has been used since the Middle Ages to support eye health and soothe the eyes, helping to keep eyes bright and healthy.
Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) is well known and effective herbal cleanser found worldwide.
Matricaria recutita (German Chamomile) was regarded as one of nine sacred herbs given to the world by ancient Anglo-Saxons. In modern times, it is widely used as a mild cleanser and soothing herbs. Chamomile is also an effective tonic for the eyes and surrounding area.

No animal products, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Individual ingredients are tested in laboratory well documented and are natural, safe and effective, guaranteeing a high quality product, backed by a one year warranty unconditional Money Back.

Clothing & Fabric Stain Removal : How to Remove Blood Stains From Fabric


Stain Remover For Wood

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stain remover for wood

Wood laminate floor cleaning

clean wood, laminate flooring is easy and quick. The laminated wood floors have been created with a fast and Easy Cleaning and overall maintenance of the mind, especially when compared with plain wood floors, which require expensive and time consuming maintenance. As such, it doesnâ € ™ t take too much to keep wood laminate floors in perfect condition. Youâ € ™ ll need is the proper equipment and cleaning solutions on the spot, and be ready to use when needed.

First, always be vigilant; material resistant to stains, as well as wood laminate can be irreparably damaged or stained if left too long. Sure always clean up any spilled materials immediately. Substances which are initially soft but harden over time, such as chewing gum, can be effectively treated by placing ice on them to harden, then removing them immediately.

This brings us to the next tip. Like many people have discovered to their chagrin, scratching is a real concern regarding the cleaning of laminate flooring. The laminate can be damaged if the floors are scratched by furniture, animals, or in the cleanup (especially when substances such as removing bubblegum). Try to avoid scratching by keeping the animals away from the area, or cut their nails so they are kept in, clean as gently as possible, and using pads under the furniture placed on the laminate flooring.

Then, if and when you clean your floor, you have to know that laminate flooring does can not stand to be cleaned by the materials that are soaked in water too, they may warp or become delaminated if such is the case. You can choose to mop your floor, but use a damp mop instead of a wet and dry immediately. Mop Microfiber, which absorb moisture very effectively, would be good to use as you soak up the water immediately.

You should also never polish or wax your floor as this could affect its stratification as well. You can use a special cleaning pad or microfiber scouring pad to clean your floor (just make sure it doesnâ € ™ t have something hard in it as sand or gravel, which could scratch the floor). Or, if you want to use a cleaning fluid, you could buy a special laminate floor cleaning liquid in a store â € "or you can make your own using a mixture of white vinegar and water. Sweep the floor first to remove any debris could be scratched. Pour about a ¼ cup of white vinegar in a empty 35-ounce spray bottle and fill it with water. Cover bottle and shake to mix. Ground spraying with the mixture and wipe immediately.

Finally, if for some reason your title = "cleaning activities of laminate flooring wooden laminate wood flooring> cleanup activities prove unsuccessful, and a stain is visible and can not be removed, no need to worry. The materials are used to hide the damage and restore your floor to the top of his form. Or you can always hire someone to repair your laminate floor for you.

Skin Shield Wood Stain Removal


Oil Stain Removal Clothes

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oil stain removal clothes
techniques for stain removal?

spillstuff i quite often and its really frustrating. I had a little oil from a curry in my white dress and tried to rub, but its only making it a little. so I left and now its been in my closet since July 2008. I want to get the stain of fools, all secret techniques? I have a few stains on any clothing, so a very good technique for removing spots has been great. thank you in advance. :) I know that my grammar is pretty crap here, but I was in a hurry. Haha, I've just stopped buy white and I do use a towel now. and the dress is dry clean only. So if I just give them this, he should leave if they work hard. It wasn't very expensive, only € 15, but I'm still frustrated with myself.

Fels Naptha soap Try … point and wet scrubbing on the spot … it is great.You can find material and some Walmarts COA Carry it. It has been around for years. Good luck

Clothing & Fabric Stain Removal : How to Remove Grease & Oil Stains From Leather


Blood Stain Removal Jeans

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blood stain removal jeans


Armpit Stain Removal Vinegar

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