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Cleaning Baby Octopus

January 27, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning baby octopus
I dreamed I gave birth to a baby octopus! HELP! What does this mean??

I am 6 months pregnant and a week ago I had this disturbing dream. I looked all over on the details to try and get a sense, but without success. In the dream I was 6 ms pg with baby over and suddenly felt horrible cramps and was in terrible pain Contrary to employment. All Suddenly, I started bleeding and he took out a lot of tissue covered with blood. I cleaned with a towel to discover that was an octopus. I yelled to my husband to take me to the hospital because I was convinced I knew what was me and my baby sick. Apparently, the explanation was that the octopus was still in my mother's belly and he must hurry to the hospital to have it removed before it would harm my baby! Meanwhile, I was still in pain and hemmorhaging. Then we left our house and it was! Please, I am not disturbed or sleep and I know that dreams are strange frequent in PG – But what does that mean? Thank you in advance!

This could mean that perhaps you're worried about all the tasks will soon be at hand? Concerned that maybe you will not be able to manage everything at once in your life, with the new baby? kidding sometimes with my girls I am not an octopus … I have eight hands to be able to do everything at once. Good luck with the arrival of new and do not worry about strange dreams, they are mainly related emotionally. Congratulations And here tonight sweet dreams!

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