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Cleaning Battery Terminals

March 27, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning battery terminals
How do I clean the battery terminals on my car?

There is a bad connection and I need to clean the junk. How do I do?

Hello, first you must copy all the radio stations on your radio, you should first use the baking soda on the battery that neutralize any battery acid on the battery. Then with a wire brush to clean the terminals and connections remove the connectors and use a battery terminal cleaning brush to clean the battery terminals and within terminals, be sure to check the cables from corrosion inside insulation too. Remove the battery and rinse with water and baking soda careful not to get it into the acid fill holes (if you have them on top of the battery) and be sure to clean the battery tray. Install the battery and battery clip, positive cable first, then the cable last negative, then relax all the radio stations. Note: Do not put grease on the terminal device before putting the cables back on you can use a slight layer of fat after the battery cables are installed. Good Luck

Cleaning Car Battery Terminals


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