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Cleaning Before A Party

May 8, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning before a party
Party Ideas ?!?!?!?

I attend ECU to acourse school of large parties, so many ideas have been used so well …. Me and my best friend are tryin to come with a big party before finals … Have you any ideas? We look something fun … No matter how clean or how dirty ideas … Thank you!

I've just hosted a "hillbilly / Redneck "of the party and it was hillarious. Evryone has learned to dress in their trashiest" costume. It was hillarious to see all the professionals Search this people worse, some in their robes and players, some fishing gear, jerseys bowling showup Peg Bundy as someone. We have Gift Boxes for man and woman trashist trashiest was pize a fly swatter and a toilet deaodorizer cheap. It was hysterical. We had these decorations on the lawn as a hub cabs, a stroller upside down, pieces of dolls. Sheets to cover windows, etc. We had contests and redneck: Spam carving contest, contests chuggling beer, contests, watermelon spitting etc. We had a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAST I am looking forward to welcoming another next year, one. Good luck

Who’s Cleaning???


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