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Cleaning Clothes Washer

July 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning clothes washer
Have you used a new washer that uses steam to clean clothes?

Details: My 20 years old Maytag is biting the dust. My husband and I started looking around a new energy efficient front loader and go through sticker shock. I like the idea of using steam to wash clothes, but my husband questions the additional costs. I wonder out or better washer steam clean clothes. I remember Chinese laundries used steam to wash clothes and linens in the old days. It seems to me that the laundry would be sanitized without using water bleach. I even read somewhere that steam washing does not need detergent. Can you tell me your experiences with these new machines? Thank you lot!

You should consider Kenmore HE washers (they are made by Maytag anyway). I bought this washer last year and was amazed by how clean the laundry is out. This washer has a option to find clean hot water is heated by an element. I think this case is the steam just hot air;)

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