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Cleaning Commercial Stoves

April 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning commercial stoves
What is your favorite television advertising?

Mine: The commercial scrub. Maid stove with two men sitting on stools in the kitten with her. Announcer: This is how it feels when you use Soft Scrub. 1st man: an animal rubs against soft fur face. Announcer: This is how it feels when you do not use soft scrub: the second man: Monkey short and is on the 3rd wave stool Puche off and third man. I love …

I like advertising T-Mobile, where the roommate found his girlfriend in his top 5 people and friends told him that you can not give another guy girlfriend a foot massage and you can not put it in your top 5 then the phone rings and he plays This song "Lovers Secret" and his friend was like "I should get that" Classic! I laughed soo hard!

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