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Cleaning Copper Pennies Science Project

July 29, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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project to clean copper pennies Science.?

Hello. I am really a basic project for my teacher. I try to see if the Sprite soda would clean the dirty piece of copper would be the best vinegar to clean the best. What I think is that they both have a type of gas in them that cleans parts money! I need to know where it cleans more effectively and why? If both of them works the same so I need to know why too. 10 points !!!!!!

Only Sprite contains a gas that makes acid. The gas is carbon dioxide, and when some of them dissolved in drinking water, it forms carbonic acid (making the drink acid). vinegar contains acetic acid chemical liquid, which makes Also it acid. I do not know which one is more efficient, but I think that vinegar has a lower pH (higher acidity) compared with Sprite, it will be the fastest work longer. Also, because carbon dioxide is a gas at the Sprite will eventually lose its acidity that bubbles of gas from the liquid (it goes flat). This is not sour, because acetic acid is a liquid. Therefore I prefer to use vinegar.

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