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Cleaning Hardwood

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cleaning hardwood

The process of Cleaning Hardwood floors in your home

You recently installed hardwood floors in your home. The house appears now nice and clean. Now, what about the cleaning process? How to maintain the cleanliness and texture of shiny flooring throughout years? Do not worry, this article will provide all necessary information.

It will help guide you in cleaning hardwood floors Franc, which provides for use for cleaning, the frequency of soil must be cleaned and a list of the worst enemies of wood floors.

Try the following procedure in cleaning hardwood floors in your home:

* Wood floors should be swept frequently using a fine and a soft bristle brush.
* It should be vacuumed once or twice a week to remove sand and dirt down. If stripes are developing on the ground, then you can use a soft brush to the process of vacuuming.
* Do not use water on wood floors is one of the worst enemies of wood floors. You can remove wet spills ASAP, either with a wet or dry vacuum or with using a soft cloth. So, remember to thoroughly dry the floor immediately.
* You can use a dry and damp mop to clean the floor polyurethaned that excess water can seep in and damage the floor.
* In areas of traffic, then high, it is best to use carpet runners with non-skid pads on hardwood floors.
* The runners and rugs should be vacuumed frequently to prevent the filtration of dust due to the weave and scratch the wood below.
* It is advisable to avoid high heels or heavy shoes on hardwood floors because they can cause bumps on the floor.
* Some furniture or other objects should not be dragged on these floors. Instead, the furniture glide pads be used to facilitate sliding on the ground.
* Mat must be installed at each entrance to avoid tracking in dirt from the bottom of your shoes.
* Cushions Furniture should be used under chairs and table legs, cabinets, dressers or furniture to prevent scratches and rust on the floor.
* You may wax and scrub some floors periodically. Talk with the manufacturer regarding the specific treatment for your hardwood floors.
* Be sure to follow all recommendations of the manufacturer for treatment of bumps and scratches. If everything is the floor is damaged due to water, it becomes very difficult to treat.

It is always advisable to use the carpet in areas of high traffic. Spills should be found on the floor be removed immediately. droplets of water are not harmful to soil, but always ensure that sufficient water is not sitting on floor. Find out what method of cleaning and care are needed for your flooring manufacturer's specific and do the same thing home.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors


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