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Cleaning House Games For Kids

June 18, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning house games for kids
SIM can clean your house in Sims 2? (Other issues)?

How will I know when the anniversary of my sim? How will I know when he was a child of my sim birthday? How long will it take for the child to grow into a teenager? How do you prepare the food for your family? how do you clean the house? u can earn a living in a job if u have sims open for business? How do you get your children to school if you do not have a car? How do you get a car? HOW DO U Play the game! DEF video would be useful if the SIM card !!!!!! sister is pregnant Is she pregnant during three days of actual days or SIM?

Q. When is your birthday sims? A. When it is a day or two away from your Sims b-day a blue box light appears at the corner of the screen and say "Your date of birth is sims _ more day (s) _; 00" (even for children as sims) Q. How long does it take for a SIM card to become a young a. Click on a SIM card and the center of the screen Botton your own Sims and wants things like there will be a small bar, but your mouse over the bar (not click) and it will tell you that your SIM card becomes a teenager in several days _ Q. How to prepare food for your sims? A. Click on the fridge and make food for a click on the SIM card to make dinner and then click on the food you want your sims to do if you want your SIM card to do for everyone in the family to prepare dinner for many click and click on what you want to Q. Sims How to clean the house of A. Wherever there is a click on the puddle-click it and mop up if the objects (cons toilet bathroom ect.) Click and click Clean Q. Can you live without creating a company A. Yes click on the log and click on find a job once you find the job you want to take jobs click Q. How do you get your children to go to school without the drive A. the school bus comes at 8:00 am in the Q. How you get a car in the sims 2 A. You need the game sims 2 nightlife if you go to buy items and click the icon that has three circles once you do not click on the icon to choose your car and drive Q. your SIM is pregnant for three days are real days SIM A. Sim additional days press ctrl + C simultaneously on your keyboard and a box of Wite appear on the top of your screen type in "vein" and he will give $ 50,000 Hope this contributed Check out my sims 2 movies on YouTube

Cleaning House


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