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Cleaning Ink Stains On Leather

July 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning ink stains on leather

Measures to give leather biker jackets look new for years

leather biker jacket is the main landing gear biker. They buy with great enthusiasm. leather biker jackets are the identity of bikers. With the protection of these jackets and more fashionable look forward motorcycle, so make their experience enjoyable driving.

As leather biker jackets make your protection even take care of them is also very important. But take care you do not need to wait for something to spread on them or dirt. Below are given some measures that have greatly help take care of leather biker jackets.

When you buy your leather jacket biker be sure to buy conditioner at the same time. Regular conditioning is a must for biker jackets because it makes them soft and supple and also protect from running dry. Also conditioner provides shine and adds to its beauty. For different leather conditioners are several available, buying an air conditioner that is specially designed for your leather jacket.

As you would expect from other clothes become dirty and then wash, do not do with leather biker jackets. Keep cleaning it from time to time if it is dirty or not or if you have entered or not. Simply cleaning. Make it a routine. Leather is a fabric if not cleaned regularly lose his show. Cleaning the leather is very easy and simple. Just put a mild detergent on a cloth cotton cloth or sponge and start cleaning. Make a point not to make the leather jacket biker too wet.

If you spill something more biker leather jacket do not worry. Blob liquid with a soft cloth or sponge and so do not rub it. If the spot is quite difficult use a damp cloth or sponge, soak it in warm water and mild detergent and rub gently. Let dry completely before jacket wearing.

Ink Stains
If your leather biker jacket is stained with ink here is the remedy to remove it. Take a cloth cotton sponge and dip it in rubbing alcohol or hairspray but will also pinch. But yes spray on the cotton are not directly jacket. And rub the ink stain. After rubbing it dry with a dryer. If the stain does not go by without using a nail acetone polish remover to remove stains. Take dissolving a small amount on a cotton cloth and rub on the stain. In doing spots going now. After removing the light spot any traces of alcohol or nail polish remover and if necessary, clean them by putting a detergent onto a cloth cotton cloth and rub.

Never use harsh chemicals on it
Do not forget the leather is a fabric Natural and affected by aggressive chemicals. Also, never use products that are difficult on her. He distort the shape of your jacket and discolored.

Maintenance tips mentioned above should be starting to follow since the day you bought your jacket leather jacket. It will help maintain the appearance your jacket for years and a facelift.

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