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Cleaning Laptop Screen Apple

August 1, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning laptop screen apple
Apple PowerBook cleaning?

Ok, this is the case, 3 years, 1.25 GHz PowerBook G4. The kid, I looked for a friend was able to reverse cereal w / milk on the laptop while it was open. was not a huge spill, but the sweet milk leakage around the touchpad, and the locking mechanism that holds the screen closed. Now the screen release button is extremely difficult to drive, and the button of the mouse does not work particularly well. I wonder if I can just pop the lid and take a damp cloth and some towels without static clean it or do I need to have a computer repair shop do it? Thank you guys for help. Thank you so far, none of the advice received on how to open it, and what then?

I have the same computer, and the same situation, but I spilled tea on keyboard. Off topic. You can depth your computer in water, and it will work, but you must make sure it is completely dry before to start. Just remove the keyboard, make the rubbing alcohol (or simply pour a glass of vodka) and Q-tips. Dip cotton swab into a liqueur glass (Do not go out completely inside), and clean your keyboard, especially in places where you see sticky residue. The alcohol will quickly destroy the molecules of glucose. After you are done (it is very time), let your keyboard dry air for the period of time and make aa alcohol than completely evaporated. Then, put your Mac and start it. Should work like a charm. Good luck

How to Clean the Screen of a Mac Laptop ( August 27,2010 )


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