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Cleaning Microwave Odor

January 17, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning microwave odor
How do you get a burning smell on a microwave?

My son baked Mac-n-cheese W Easy water o /. Fortunately, there was no fire, just a black acrid smoke. I cleaned the microwave with hot water, then heated to a certain w / water juice lemon for a couple of minutes left in the steam with the smell in vain …… HELP!

Wash microwave with baking soda and vinegar on a sponge-like foam. Do not forget the door gaskets. Rinse with clean water …… OK, added lemon juice will not hurt. In fact, any household cleaner will work properly, just rinse well after. Also look for the vents where the air comes out …… maybe around back? Would be nice if you could enter inside, but do not even think about it! Wipe down and perhaps a Qtip run along the edges. Now, put a little cinnamon or other sweet-smelling stuff in the water and boil as you did the lemon juice. Lemon juice deordorizes that it touches.

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