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Cleaning Paint Brushes Oil Paint

March 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning paint brushes oil paint
Some tips for cleaning the brushes when you used based paint in oil?

I have never used latex paint, but then I'm used to just to rinse the paint OUT. But this is not working with the oil painting …. he clings!

Yes, the oil-based paints will cling to the hair if you try to clean it with water. You should clean oil paints with mineral spirits. Make sure you cover all the hair with mineral spirits and make sure you wash the brush thoroughly. Clean it until you no longer see the paint out of hair when you press the brush. Oh, and make sure you use a brush that is for oil based paints – Are not simply assume that the brush you used for latex paint will work for oil-based paints. After cleaning your brush hang to dry as you would with any brush that has been freshly cleaned.

Oil Painting Techniques : How to Clean Oil Paint Off Paintbrushes


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