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Cleaning Services Jobs In Nj

June 17, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning services jobs in nj
Does anyone know where I can find a job like this?

Im 18 soon to be 19 IVE worked three jobs (in a supermarket for four months, as a summer intern for two years my town soon, and a retail store since August). Im trying to leave my retail employment, and seek other employment. Ill work on my job as an intern in the summer for my city and I want to find another job on the side to replace my detail work. Where can I find a job that does not have to do with customer service, telemarketing, or food. I wouldnt mind landscaping, construction, cleaning or even a little if I could find a better job where I do not have to deal with customers. I dont have any problem dealing with people but I want to work in an office, a job in a sports club, YMCA or a fitness center, development landscaped contrsuction or physical work. Where can I find a job like this in New Jersey?

It is not difficult to find a desk job if you have a degree and have good references. try, you should definitely find. construct a curriculum vitae, and send it to companies. I think if you work in a gym or sports club, you will definitely be dealing with people. there's really nothing in the wings. you might have a job Receptionist something like that, but again, you would relationship with customers. even at office jobs, you may have to face customers, but it would normally only on the phone.

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