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Cleaning Time Games

April 18, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning time games

Cleaning Your Child € ™ s Chamber of the fun way

Children and cleaning are not usually used in same sentence. Most children love to play, fun-loving and hate to clean. So when it comes to cleaning their parents' room are often piper.

Why not stop fighting, stop nagging and make cleaning room time more fun. Try these three simple tips and you can see that your child € ™ s room is clean as often.

First board / Trick:

Make a newspaper photo of a room own. Help your child to clean the room so he knows what a clean room looks like. Then, take lots of pictures of the room. You can hang pictures around your childs € ™ s bedroom so there is always an easy reference to clean that really means.

Children will both like taking pictures and trying to keep the room as clean as research on the photo. This is something easy to clean ™ s € childs room.

Second Tip / Trick:

Make it a race against time. Take a kitchen timer and set the length of some somewhere between three and ten minutes. Turn cleaning your child in bulk. Your child will race to try to beat the buzzer.

You can add a small incentive prize or a special outing, if your child fights the timer. Remember that the goal is a clean room and you do not want to be stuck having to bribe your child with a prize every time you want a clean room.

Third Tip / Trick:

Money, Money, Money. Hide parts around the room in and under items that must be put aside. Then, your child should try to find the pieces while the chamber is clean.

Be sure to let your child know that the rule is an object they touch while looking for money must be put aside, where it belongs.

You may find that if you hide enough money for your child to end up with a dollar at the end of this cleaning is a plus. You can then go to a dollar store and let your child spend money or make a special place where money savings can be saved for a major purchase on the road.

Remember when it comes to cleaning a child € ™ s room is the fun name of the game.

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