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Cleaning Toys Kids

May 21, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning toys kids
Cleaning children's bedroom?

I have a child of 4 years and I make him clean his room. Of course, I do the sheets and mop when he needs, but she is old enough, I think, to understand that if you make a mess to clean up. I do not live in his room. I do not go there, why should I clean it? Because I was making him do his own room, she realizes now that when his friend is here to play, it needs remind his friends to pick up their toys when they have finished with them. I do not break my neck to the drudgery of his extra bedroom, either. Course his room is not spotless, but it is a children's room. It should be and would not remain spotless, if I get this way. I do not think it's wrong to make her own her own room, but several other people with children his age told me that I'm too hard on her. Opinions?

If you do not teach them earlier, they are going to th ink it is allowed to keep any mess and dirty when they get older. they will think you to clean up after them. I'm sure when they are at school or at school before teachers have to put the toys when they do playing. so why not apply the same rule at home.

cleaning up the toys


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