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Cleaning Xbox 360 Lens

August 2, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning xbox 360 lens
How to clean an Xbox 360 DVD Drive?

Are there any tutorials to clean an XBOX 360 CD / DVD Drive? Mine is a year past and ensuring not reading any of my DVD I put in the drive. It makes a grinding noise now, so its unlikely that its dirtly a laser / lens? But its worth giving it a go if I can rather than pay the £ 80 for a new DVD player. Links or advice to get laser / lens would be good. I drive out of the deal, but it seems rather difficult to get to the lens. It's not like the PS2 was pretty easy to comparrison.

what you could do is get the special CD cleaning the DVD for you, they cost a lot and all you do is put something like that things on the disc and clean it, so hopefully it should work. it happens to my Xbox and fixed it immediately, I use it now once a week to ensure its obligation to clean

Xbox 360 DVD Drive Lens Cleaning


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