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Fabric Care Rayon

April 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

fabric care rayon
fabric dye question .. 10 pts?

ok .. I have a dress thats black film and I want to dye it another color …. Is it possible to do that if the fabric of the coat film (like most dresses) is not cotton. I think as rayon% 10 95% spandex sound. I thought to do with Dylon dye, because I live near a tissue Joanne …. but I do not know what I do to get another color. I do not care if it turns gray or burgundy .. simply not …. black What should I do …. Thank you best answer gets 10 pts. and please speak from experience.

If your dress is black, the dead will not help. Put the color on top of the black will darkest black. You need to bleach the color first, see and how it looks from there. Different fabrics and dyes react differently, so I'm sorry I can not be more specific.

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