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Forever New Fabric Care Wash

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Greening Your Home â € "How green is your house? Few changes All Upa € Add" Fourteen Tips

Use eco-friendly paint

When re-decorating with paint, it is best to use herbal or Paint with low volatile organic compounds. Most paint companies now offer a range of eco friendly paint. But it pays to do your work home and choose the best. Choosing the right paint will reduce the benefit of all toxins, including those with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Using the right color means the environment will benefit because of reduced discharge, groundwater and ozone contaminants. Painting with Low VOC good results in terms of coverage, and scrubability hideability (covering flaws on previous coats).

Water based

Water based paints can be cleaned easily with soap and warm water. Have little or no hazardous fumes. Low odor during application and odorless once the paint is dry. In the absence of areas off-gassing paints can be occupied sooner, without complaining odors. The paintings are not considered hazardous waste.

Easy Cleaning

Cleanup and disposal greatly simplified. Some paints are eco Livos, The Company of real milk paint and Porters. The types of paints are coated with lime, french wash, oxides and treatments acrylic. The a report on interior paints available on the site.

Select furniture pre

Instead of buying new furniture can be worth to forage and select pre-loved furniture. A few years ago I made a series of interviews with exposure at home. I enjoyed meeting the exhibitors. I had an interesting discussion with a furniture dealer loved before. He said he was concerned about the furniture at low prices on offer in many stores.

It many young people felt would be better to buy the most well made, sturdy furniture second hand furniture fragile new. He said many of his modern classics only retain their value and can be resold at the same price they were purchased. He was shocked by the willingness to throw away when new finished furniture quality.

A number of years, I created a table in the cafe of my stepmother old Acts travel trunk. She had last used the trunk Travel to Australia in the 1960s. It is unfortunate that I had to cover travel stickers much of India, Algeria, Pakistan and other fascinating places, the surfaces were severely damaged and had to be well covered. All items in our house this coffee table attracts the most comments.

Purchase energy efficient appliances

For people living in older homes with old equipment is the key to the homework before buying a new appliance. The funniest that the old models seem to last forever. When replacing a washing machine, it is recommended that you choose a front loader. They more efficient water and are gentler on clothes.

Choose a refrigerator that is sufficient for your needs. Many people in the U.S. and Australia have large refrigerators. Our European counterparts simply small refrigerators. It is best to choose a model with the note highest energy. Installing a solar hot water system can reduce energy bills by 65 percent. Use motion detector exterior lighting means that when someone is at home means no energy is wasted.

Double glazing

Double glazing, much more expensive to install to reduce heating bills. So they are profitable in the long term particularly in colder areas. Glazing and blinds can be used in combination of two aspects to the north of a house. This will maximize the light Winter warming in winter and summer sun to reduce difficult.

Swags and caps project

Last valances on the windows and installation project to cap the door stop hot air escaping. They will also stop cold air from creeping in. Curtains, draperies, bedding, bath and upholstery selections must be made of natural fabrics, wool, cotton or linen. These fabrics are more durable. Nylon, acrylic or polyester is petroleum based.

Install lighting to save Energy

Install skylight to add light to dark interiors that save energy. Or, use compact fluorescent bulbs last eight times longer and use less energy. LED lighting is another option.

grow vegetables and herbs

Set up a vegetable and / or herb garden. I have a little Italian in the laws that are now in the eighties. They still grow all their vegetables, olives and make their own bread. They remain active, healthy thin. Potted plants used properly can also add atmosphere. They are effective in capturing nuisance odors and effectively dissipate the compounds VOCs.

Replace flooring material with a renewal option

When replacing coverings soil, it is wise to choose materials for renewal sisal, for example, coir (coconut), seagrass, wool and Cork. lino flooring is back fashion, is made from cork, flour, flaxseed (linseed) oil, chalk and jute makes it very environmentally friendly. Nylon, acrylic or polyester are petroleum-based products and should be avoided.

Other options for wood floors renewable solid usually without chemical additives. When selecting the wood, it is preferable to use wood grown in plantations or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for sustainable management of timber certification. Ideally choose from recycled wood. Some other good options are eco friendly Masonite, cork, rubber and bamboo. It pays to be cautious.

Be Water Wise

Also take into account Stormwater avoid areas that may cause totally pathed runoff. Use porous flow or tiles that allow space for the soil and grass to grow. Install a rainwater tank connected to fill the washing machine. This water can also be used for toilets or watering the garden. During leave a bare soil landscaped area for a compost bin.

A few years ago, my husband and I attended Water Wise Garden Seminar. One of the most interesting suggestions was to take care not to overwater your garden. It was recommended to irrigate plants frequently when the plant first. Then, slowly, reducing the time to water the plants. This encourages them to establish systems deep roots.

In Australia we have had many years of drought. Many of our plants and trees have survived. Many gardeners want killed their plants with kindness. We also tend to plants on home water.

Use water budget wise ideas. For Taking the example of washing dishes in water and water for bathing children to water the plants. Buy and use a greywater pipe (they may be purchased at hardware stores). Perhaps consider composting toilets and / or use dual-flush (Cosmos Caroma's). You also use the adapter kits to minimize water consumption in the existing toilets.

Switch to low-flow heads shower

Take care when selecting wallpaper

Avoid wallpaper PVC polyvinyl vinyl chloride-based product carcinogenic dioxin during production that accumulate in water and air and are absorbed by most animals.

Four other tips for greening your home and life

Homes built with the north, Australia aspects will maximize the light of winter and reduce the warming sun of the summer hard.

Borrow books and videos the library rather than going to a bookstore or video store. Save money too.

Avoid bottled water. Buy a bottle of water for all in the family, put their name on them, and filling.

Use newspaper instead of paper towels to clean exterior windows and glass doors.

There are many things we can do little to green our homes. Those mentioned above are only few options available to us.

Geoff Stewart on his record for five States House Energy Star Rating Services â € ~ Good design is not cost the earth and poor design "

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