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Free Cleaning Business Forms

March 6, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

free cleaning business forms
Should I pay this bill?

My husband myself and bought the rings and other jewelry Whitehall jewelry form with this purchase and has expanded Lifetime Warranty. So I was suppossed to have a lifetime warranty on my jewelry, also cleaning free life and also be able to exchange rings in credit and upgrade when we were ready to do finanically. Although Whitehall Jewelers filed for bankruptcy and outside the business there is more, do I pay this bill??? Is their a sort of bankruptcy chapter protect myself? I am trying to dispute, but is their a law that I can use in my case that protects me, because why am I paying a lifetime warranty, which no longer exists???

That the bill? If you are making payments on the rings, yes, you still owe them. If you mean the security and cleaning free, perhaps. They can selling the service to someone else. You need to know what happened with it. If the service is always nearby, you probably pay for the new service.

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