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Furniture Cleaning Equipment

April 4, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

furniture cleaning equipment
If the police will serve a warrant and found nothing. Can you sue for compensation for damages?

Invoices cleaning, broken equipment and / or holes in walls or furniture.

Maybe. If they are in search of drugs, and they use a police dog in the house to find it, and alert dog. Then, the officers will be able to prove in civil court that the drugs were there a time when the dog would not alert. They are not allowed to destroy property. But some people sometimes hide things in the walls. It is reasonable for them to dismantle the wall if they have reason to believe that what they seek is there. This is not good if they do damage to your home and found nothing at all. I think you'd be entitled to restitution for the damage. Now you must remember that the officers acted in good faith. So do not count on getting a grand. And if you rent the house, then will probably return to the owner.

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