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August 2, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

home cleaning services miami
Would a drag queen cleaning service is good for New York?

They have one in Miami when guys dress in drag and go around people at home and clean house. Please tell me why or why not it would work.

Well here's the thing. The people of New York whole would embrace it. They say it was great NYC already loves drag queens she then … more the merrier, but in New York it's a bit difficult for this to play in reality and here's why: You have roughly only 2 classes of people living in New York. The uber rich think that drag queens have to clean their 7.5 million 5th Ave apt. Campy far and maybe even a neighbor should unexpected embarrassing down. Then there is the "everybody class. "Who tend to be younger, living with roommates sometimes several kinds of people because NYC is so expensive d * mn, so if they can give a person clean, it is generally cheaper than undocumented worker because A-they can not afford much more and they understand B how difficult it is for someone to survive in New York and are more than happy to "help" someone by offering them work. The other the daily average people looking people are middle class who go to Manhattan, either by carpooling and more often by train, and they live in suburbs or drag queens are much less frequent because they are in Manhattan. In addition, the "specificity" of all drag queen as wife Room "is based on that you can sit and watch as drag queen clean your house or apartment. Not many people are at home when the maid comes from the fact that some people simply prefer to do while at work if it actually could be a drag queen, a guy wearing a costume polar bear, or a Taiwanese worker 7 years which makes the cleaning of their apartment and they would never know.

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