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Household Cleaning Remedies

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household cleaning remedies

Home remedies for dermatitis and treatment

Dermatitis is a broad term that encompasses many different disorders that all result in a red, itching. Eczema is term time to time used for dermatitis.
Some types of dermatitis involving only specific parts of body, while others can occur anywhere. Some types of dermatitis have a known cause, while others do.
However, the dermatitis is still using the skin to react to a severe drought, scratching, an irritating substance or allergen. Traditionally, this question comes Direct contact with skin, but sometimes the substance is swallowed.
In all cases, scratching and rubbing may eventually lead to permanent thickening and a hardening of the skin.
Dermatitis may be a brief reaction to a substance. In the bags, it can produce symptoms such as itching and redness for a few hours or for only one or two days. Chronic dermatitis persists over a period of time.
Causes of dermatitis
• detergents powerful or soaps
• skin cleaning products
• Cosmetics or makeup
• Deodorant
• Clothing or shoes
• Household cleaners
• Formaldehyde and other chemicals
• Rubber or latex
• Metals such as nickel
Symptoms of dermatitis
The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for dermatitis includes the 4 symptoms listed below:
• Red rash or bumps
• Itching, which may be severe
• dry, red patches, which can resemble a burn
• Bulbs and draining fluid from the affected skin in severe cases
• rash limited to the area exposed
• Pain or tenderness
The treatment of this disease skin varies depending on the underlying causes and type. Some basic natural treatments are:
Food: The diet of an individual suffering from dermatitis should include fresh fruits such as apples, grapes, pineapple, oranges and papaya. Raw or steamed vegetables like cauliflower, turnips, carrots, cabbage and spinach should be largely dependent. Condiments, spices, strongly flavored foods, fermented foods and potted white flour products, tea, coffee and alcohol should be avoided. The variety of apple juice, carrot and celery is extremely favorable for the treatment of this condition.
application External: If you try to get rid of poison ivy, you must apply a combination of baking soda and oil emerald. Properties alkaline baking soda to neutralize the toxic effect of acids and olive oil keeps skin soft and supple
Home Remedies for Dermatitis
• To contact dermatitis, to find the cause and get rid of.
• Test yourself if you think that your skin reacts to catch up. Apply a small amount on the arm. If an itchy red rash occurs in 48 hours
• To facilitate the swelling and itching, run halfder in a bath of hot water. Use a mild soap or perfume with a detergent
• For dry skin or flaky, try petroleum jelly or odor free body lotion. To use lacto calamine weeping eruptions
• Wash your hair with a tar shampoo if you have dermatitis on the scalp. Never use harsh shampoo, use a baby shampoo instead
• If you have red, oozing sores, apply wipes that have been soaked in warm salt water and drained
• To stasis dermatitis on the legs and ankles, sit or lie with legs raised above your hips several times a day. Try door sweeps
• Do not scratch. Cut nails short to avoid breaking the skin
• Try hydrocortisone cream on intact skin

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