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Ink Stain Clothes

February 11, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ink stain clothes

The Trick To remove ink stains on the carpet

The ink is messy. And if you do not remove the right way, when it propagates you attempt removal. The following are some expert advice from a professional carpet cleaner on the way to remove inkblots. The tips here work well on ball repressed, marker, and all types of ink.

Most ink is a thick liquid. He holds the carpet fibers. Normally spotting agents will not move the ink. And even the servants of ink stains that can not move again be difficult to correctly extract the ink.

The first thing you want to do is to remove as much ink as possible with a vacuum cleaner water. To do this, even before spraying it with any stain remover. This way, you do an extraction of all the materials first ink.

After all the ink is removed, treat the surface with a solvent. One of the best solvents to dissolve the ink-isopropyl alcohol friction. But NEVER pour alcohol directly on the carpet, because it can dissolve the support and cause the ink to migrate to the support. Instead, use of rubbing alcohol to a cotton cloth. Then dab the cloth on the ink stain. Once a section of the canvas is dirty, use a section own. Repeat this process until no more ink can be removed.

If rubbing alcohol does not turn, try odorless mineral spirits or xylene. Be very careful with these solvents because they are flammable and not healthy to breathe. Use the same procedure for withdrawal as described above.

Once you have removed as much ink as possible, pour a small amount of water on the area and extract with your wet vac. This will rinse the area and prevent re-contamination in the future.

If your stain removal attempts above does not, contact a professional Carpet Cleaning company immediately. Ink is not something you can stay in the carpet for long periods of time without permanent damage. It must be removed immediately.

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