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Ink Stain Couch

July 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ink stain couch

Leather sofa and Stains

There is really taking a risk by trying to clean a leather sofa. Using the wrong product can change the color of your leather sofa! A good idea is to test the cleaner on a part of the leather couch that nobody will ever see. Then just wait and see what happens before you use it on the actual spot

Various tasks require different methods. Take a look at the most common.

Ink stains are the worst out there, but many times simply spraying it with hairspray and wiping clean it will work. If this does not work, you might need to get professional help.

Water stains often ruin a leather sofa ( ) Due to the fact that it is simply used for cleaning! Therefore it is

very important to use a damp cloth, not wet cloths, trying to get rid

these types of stains. Water is supposed to dry naturally on a leather sofa

then cleaned with a leather conditioner after it has completely dried.

Fat is also a type of dye is very frustrating. As with Other types of stains, you will need a piece of clean cloth to gently clean the grease. talcum powder and cornstarch work to clean fat. But it is very important not to rub in the fat. Instead you just lay on it for four hours. After that you should wipe with cloth. Your leather sofa should be completely free of grease using such methods.

Do you have a dog or a cat that lives in inside? If you do, then you'll probably at some point a certain smell of urine and trace the scent to your leather sofa. Fortunately everything you'll need a clean, damp cloth to handle the problem of urine. Once again, with water stains, it is very important let it dry naturally the area itself. In addition, it is important to note that this method works even for blood stains as well. This is because the Blood and urine contains protein and therefore both can be supported in a similar manner.

It is very important to be both protection and vigilance on your leather

sofa (, but you do not need to panic if your child accidentally spills a can of Coke on it. Everything you need to do is follow these simple cleaning tips you will certainly keep your leather sofa in very good condition and like new. But we must always remember that leather is one of the most unique types of materials that exist out there and he can manage a very small list of supplies and cleaning products.

Ink Stain Removal


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