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Ink Stain Removal Carpets

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Remove carpet stains – save money by doing it yourself

Spots and stains are the worst enemies of a carpet, so that you must always be ready to cope when you can – to prevent them from getting worse.

General Stains

Following these general rules will help you deal with spills. For more persistent or unusual stains you may need to contact cleaner carpet professional.

  1. It is easier to remove spills immediately address whether act quickly and transfer the entire liquid stain with dry paper towels or a clean, dry white. Important: Use only clean cloths or towels to reduce the risk of color transfer.
  2. semi-solid substances must be removed with a plastic spatula.
  3. To clean any remaining stain any use of cloth clean, damp soaked in warm water to remove the stain. Use a dabbing action with the cloth, then remove the remaining liquid with dry cloth.
  4. Always work from outside to inside the stain to avoid spreading stain.
  5. Do not rub the pile surface of your carpet or oversoak stain.
  6. Never use detergents such as dishwashing liquids, soaps or other cleaners recommended for general household use. Even if they can clean your carpet satisfactorily they will almost certainly cause problems such as rapid re-soiling, bleeding color or other damage to the pile or backing of the carpet.
  7. If you are cleaning a stain from a carpet tile, you may just be able to lift the slab and rinse under a tap. Use paper towels to absorb moisture as much as possible, and let dry. If you lift a tile to clean, you must make sure it is dry before you put it back. However, make sure you let it dry naturally – Do not put on a radiator or other surface artificially hot as this could damage the tile or cause it to shrink.

Beer Wine stains

First mix a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water. Apply the mixture on the stain using spray to saturate, and allow the mixture to sit for about 10-15 minutes. Then use a clean sponge and a blotting motion. Rinse area with warm water, then brush the carpet pile back into its natural direction.

Ink Stains

Apply isopropyl alcohol, by sprinkling a few on a clean towel or white cloth. Blot the stain as possible until it is withdrawn. Make sure you work to the outside of the stain inward to avoid spreading stain.

Pet stains

Use one teaspoon of clear ammonia type of household to a half-cup of cold water. You can use this solution in a spray bottle or apply directly on the carpet. It is very important not to wet the carpet support when you apply the solution. After applying the solution, use paper towels to dry, then allow it to dry completely.

Otherwise, just use water, it could rehydrate the stain for easier removal. Most types of pet stains can be cleaned by using a steam cleaner. When you are finished, sure to dry the carpet as thoroughly as possible.

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