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Kids Cleaning Clip Art

May 14, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

kids cleaning clip art
Where can I find images in black and white to color in mspaint?

My neighbor has a young and I teach her computers. I wanted to let the color images in mspaint, but having a really hard time finding images that are clean enough. I need images that have sharp edges, most of what is out there gradient is full blown black and white, but I just need pictures own black edges. Does anyone here know a resource? I know that art clip that has vectors could be clean enough. I'm looking for maybe a dinosaur, car, house, plane, … stuff like that:) Thanks a lot! Rob

search through Google. just write in google search bar "black and white" then click the search will Many links that contain images as needed.

Hand Washing for Kids – Crawford the Cat – Educational


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