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Laundry Cleaning Symbols

March 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

laundry cleaning symbols
Laundry crisis, what should I do?

I have three friends: Carmen, Bee, Lena, and we've been close all our lives (our mothers met during a pregnancy aerobics class for pregnant women). Once Carmen has bought trousers – jeans – in a second store hand, we accidentally tried them, loved them and decided to use them as a symbol of our friendship. We have established a routine on, and some rules, for example, nobody can keep for over a week, and they can not be washed. Now, we have been using them for three years – especially summers – and I feel that I want to wash them (they stink). But we have accepted and solemnly swore never to do. Is it possible to clean without washing and without my friends noticed? Or should I just wash, then wear them? What should I do?

Ha! I just read the sisterhood of the Traveling day Pants. Do not wash them, PLEASE!

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