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Laundry Cleaning Tips

February 25, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

laundry cleaning tips
Some tips on how to get my cat to quit on my own machine?

I fold my clothes on the futon in the den when I take the dryer. When I do multiple loads, I'll leave it there until all the laundry is done and then put them all. Well I confess, sometimes I leave them there for a day or two. . . or three. :) But then, my cat lays on them and makes them all covered in cat hair and I wash them on top again. What can I do? I do not want to hit him because he will not really know what he did wrong. I know that squirting him with water will not work because I do it when it is on the table and the only thing that has ever managed is the incentive to get off the table when he hears me future. I do not just want to get off the machine when he hears me coming. I want him not to get as ever. I watched some of this spray repellent cat cats they are training, but it stains clothing. If I can not really spray it on my machine, or my futon. Anyone have any suggestions?

It is totally normal behavior for a cat – as other posters have noted, kittens LOVE soft, warm, comfortable, sweet smell of huddling on batteries – and please do not hit – it's really just doing what comes naturally to him as a cat! If you want leave your clothes clean on the futon, the easiest thing to do is cover it with something – a large towel, a light blanket or sheet – or buy it a couple of soft light, throws size – big enough to cover, but easy to manage, so you can always keep your battery while you wash Others with an appropriate load when you do your laundry – that way you'll always have someone ready to protect the piles of cat hair when you are washing and drying the other. There are ways to deal with these things, and you can too – but by no means his fault if he prefers find a place that is comfortable and enjoyable stay – would not you too? LOL – Really, this can be solved – it does not bother you – it he just likes the smell fresh and sweet, it fits over your clothes – mine used the occasion to slip by me and in the dryer itself when I pulled the warm clothes, one by one to bend to perch on top of the stack warm, and I had a heck of a time getting him out the dryer, as he was big and strong enough to leave LOL! I bought our cat a little expensive but very light, washable throw to years ago, I would fold it in half or quarters and place on the sofa – he loved because it was hot, swollen, soft and comfortable – and it was Easy to wash and dry – if it takes a little time in the dryer because it was down. In your case, blankets size of a pair of lightweight, soft, two steps (like 50 "by 58" (lightweight fleece, perhaps) who are quick to wash and dry might work best.

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