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Lcd Cleaning Windex

July 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Can I clean the LCD my laptop with Windex, or that the damage?

Never use a wet spray directly on your monitor or LCD. The fluid could leak before you can delete it all and could harm the electronics. You should use a special LCD cleaner. They are specially designed for this work, I use "Endust for Electronics" they sell a can of pre moistened wipes. They Anti-static filter does not attract as much dust when cleaned and they are good for all electronic surfaces. Only costs about $ 5-6 a can at an electronics store, and I got mine over a year (I have 3 computers mine, wives, and work) and use it on each. Also remember to pick up a can of compressed air for cleaning, it is ideal for blowing dust and debris from areas such as keyboards, ventilation holes, and if the CPU. Hope this helps.

Computer Hardware & Accessories : How to Clean Your LCD Screens


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