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My Cleaning Service

July 12, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

my cleaning service
Nobody owns A Cleaning Service and can advise on how to start my own cleaning business?

Hello … Someone Has ideas about how to start your own cleaning business .. I am currently studying full-time college and I try to find alternatives to work and I decided I wanted to create a cleaning company to love everyone and clean offices, businesses banks, etc. Can anyone help?? it would be greatly appreciated THANKS! :) Firstly to answer the first, the guy who gave me mute this response … Get a life jerk! I am too much class to hear BS, but anyway I reply THANKS legitamite not mute them! I want to start my own business and work for me does not like a girl under other people … I want to have a cleaning service that cleans businesses and controls, if possible, I know they have some companies like this one …… Thank you very much around (2nd response)

um you can try puttind adds in the newspaper and give you lots of references, you may apply for any job and tell them you want to work in the department cleaning, Hope this helps, it worked for me!



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