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My Cleaning Supply Us

May 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

my cleaning supply us
Legal question about employers who use chemicals without safety data sheets!?

Recently, my employer (Fortune 500) had a special project for about 45 managers in the company. We were asked to clean a store from top to bottom. The company has provided us with normal cleaning chemicals used for cleaning daily (items with sheets). However, the company also supplied a product chemical known as "Goof Off, Goof Off, 1 and OFF2 Goof", which are all harsh chemicals. The company had us using this chemical, without providing gloves, masks and other safety equipment. The chemical causes irritation landfill and red skin that clears up after about a week, but I developed a dry cough and constant headaches. If you watch the Goof Off Chemicals You see, they recommend safety equipment mentioned above. What legal repercussions my business need for us to use this substance without sheets, and for not providing safety equipment?

you can always report to OSHA, but think you must go to the doctor and get these symptoms documented

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