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My Cleaning Trolley Toy

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my cleaning trolley toy

30 Business Brainstorming Ideas – Part 2

Sometimes you just get stuck for ideas. Your mind is empty. It makes it even more difficult to find with goods if your current or future business rests on your ideas. A little help and inspiration for a new article, a new product or business entirely new would not be useless in these circumstances.

The purpose of the ideas in this series is to get your mind of brain. The ideas may seem a bit crazy and unrealistic – almost too simple. But …. the intention is that these ideas to act as a trigger, you say something like: "This ridiculous idea, but if I move around a bit I could …" So, use one or more of these ideas as a starting point and train your way to a new opportunity.

1. Start a company that deals with comics, new and old American and British. This business might: 1) copy comics by mail from a catalog, 2) the operation of a comic book collectors club Specialty months, and 3) performing a comic stall at fairs and antique markets.

2. Write abroad Publishers of newsletters in English and offer to act as distributor for their ballot in this country. In your letter to the editor him explain the benefits they will gain if they allow you to distribute its newsletter.

3. Start a service that cleans wire baskets and supermarket trolleys. Wire baskets and trolleys often spend most of the day on a dirt floor or outside in the street open to the elements. This, combined with the network quality, as the wire to encourage the accumulation of dust and germs.

4. Use pieces of wood to make the puzzle earrings and necklaces. Add a hand painted design on the side of the puzzle are not covered by part of the image. Call your products jigsaw puzzle jewelry. Sell the jewelry stall at fairs or get stock in the shops mode.

5. Take metal rods and tubes of various diameters and cut into slices. Arrange the slices to make pictures and diagrams. Mount these images and sell handicrafts. Or produce kits for making pictures with slices of rods and tubes. To use email to sell these kits to artisans.

6. Win income from writing articles or books about starting a business and make money. Sample manuscripts for publishers of books opportunity Business, newsletters, magazines and newspapers. For starters, the publisher of this book will welcome any manuscripts.

7. Create a company that produces a library of audio quality rhymes. Furthermore, producing a series of tapes that have the versions of X-rated rhymes. Copy of these tapes by one to their stock in store, or from one club per month.

8. Compiles and publishes a monthly newsletter that informs subscribers of poetry contest, they are eligible to participate in and abroad. Target your campaign to poets practice for the recruitment of subscribers to this newsletter.

9. Bring a set of plans for woodworkers, manufacturers of soft toys, leather workers and workers from other boats. Either sell copies printed those plans at wholesale prices, or sell reproduction rights. So now, every artisan or amateur can start a mail order business plans.

10. Post a Which?-Type newsletter on newsletters. As the number of newsletters and subscribers is increasing, there is a gap in the market for a newsletter that explains and assesses the value of other newsletters.

11. Start a company that manufactures paper products model for dolls and dollhouses. The product model could include newspapers, money, stationery, towels, hats, paper cards Christmas, etc. sell these products by mail-makers and doll collectors.

12. Write a book non-fiction that can, for example, a hobby. Pay a printer to produce copies of the book. Copy of these books to people who are interested in the content. You could, for example, place ads in leisure magazines.

13. Write personal tuition in your own home on how to write good English. Advertise your teaching service placing the cards in the windows of local newsagents. In your advertising, emphasize the benefits of taking your classes, like getting a better job and help children with their homework.

14. First contact with a single magazine or newsletter. Each number can include both the classifieds for people partner search and writing in the interest of ordinary people. Use the press and magazine advertising to build a subscriber list.

15. Develop a service establishment holiday companion. Your service matches and introduces individuals who do not have anyone to go on holiday. Placing classified ads in many publications to attract customers. Or produce a publication which lists those seeking holiday companions.

16. Write and publish a newsletter for those who want to start a business. The newsletter could, for example, discuss effective means of sales, management, generate ideas, find suppliers and to find customers. Use your local library service to research on these subjects.

17. Start a craft business that turns over ornaments boats. These ornaments are autonomous, 3-D objects that are composed entirely wire: wire makes the contours. These ornaments may look like airplanes, helicopters, men, animals, boats, bicycles or names of people first.

18. Start a mail order company which promotes the art of making ornaments and models from wire forming. Design and manufacture a complete set of introduction for beginners. Include this kit in your catalog and tools, design ideas and materials artisans thread.

19. Brand rosettes football and stored to the newsstands and sports shops. Each rosette can be placed in a cellophane packet or a polyethylene bag.

20. Produce a series of tales videos. An actor reads classic novels directly to the camera. Rental of videos mail. For example, a person can borrow videos from a reading actor War and Peace ',' Wuthering Heights 'or' Treasure Island .

21. Start a company that organizes the stream or boat trips to the coast, business parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Your service is things like organizing transportation to the boat, the books the caterer hired entertainment and wait staff, etc.

22. If you can play a musical instrument, make money available for background music at restaurants, pubs, bars wine, tea rooms, ice rinks breakfast hotel, amusement or ice skating. Also playing in the intervals in the halls or cinemas.

23. Selling copies of plays by mail. Put them together a wide variety of new and used publications and produce a catalog. Advertise your catalog in the Press theater and theater programs.

24. Buy and sell used CDs. Buy Collections record by mail and use local advertising to find dealers in your area. The disks that you acquire can be sold through the post, the market stall, or have them in stock in local stores.

25. Having a stall that sells fashionable clothes. Your staff can be a full-time work on the street markets, or it can be a part-time business that appears to crafts fairs and the flea market.

26. Establish a partition of the club months. Each month, sending members of the club selection of leaves of the last songs. Member Club will be: the musicians who play in clubs and pubs, record companies and musicians eager fans.

27. Sell by mail Beatles or Elvis memorabilia. Conduct your own research to discover what memories, you can produce, for example, reprinting photographs and duplicate clippings. Also purchase goods from collectors and commercial sources and abroad.

28. Put them a catalog and mail order children educational audiotapes. The tapes could cover subjects such as spelling, reading, rules of English grammar, geography, history, etc. produce certain tapes yourself and buy other publishers tape.

29. Do your own research to discover the secrets of magic. Write your results on a manuscript and publish them yourself. The novel and character amazing this book means you can sell ads in magazines and newspapers.

30. Write and record songs customized. Produce songs for all occasions such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, births, returns and congratulations. Use ads in personal columns to attract orders.


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