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Natural Cleaning Products Mold

March 29, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

natural cleaning products mold

Natural Cleaning Products: Home Cleaning in the Safest and Natural Way

We always want our house to be sparkling clean and smelling fresh, but are you sure about the product that you always buy and utilize day after day? These products may have the potential of having harsh chemicals or toxins that can affect your health. Toxins that may lead to serious health disorders like asthma, allergies, decreasing of sperm counts, birth defects and even metal abnormalities, and the worst part, all kinds of cancers.

People often ask me how or what to do, let me share their questions and my humble answers to all of you

My friend Leona (a very beautiful devoted housewife) asked me what possible chemicals are there in these commercial products and why are they harmful?

Here are my answers:

Air sprays may have Phthalates (petroleum-base) and this can disrupt hormones.

Laundry detergents and dishwashers have Chlorine bleach, Sulfuric acid and Trisodium nitrilotriacitate. These chemicals are harmful to our environment and may cause deaths to fishes and our pets too,

Napthas and formaldehyde can be found in your furniture polishers. These are very harmful chemicals and a potential carcinogen (cancer-causing agents)

Harmful waste materials like butyl, cellosive, methylene chloride, petroleum distillates and ether type solvents contaminate air, soil and water,

Another question that you might be thinking is, how can I clean my home without using these products?

You might think it’s impossible but its not, solutions are right there in your kitchen and you can even make your own natural cleaning product yourself. All you need are as follows:

Baking soda – the main ingredient and a perfect all purpose cleaner.

Vinegars – contains natural acids and a good disinfectant, can be used in almost all of cleaning situations like cutting grease, vinegar wipes and kill molds and mildew etc. so many to mention.

Borax – a natural mineral commonly used in cleaning, borax can remove stains and a good enhancer of soaps, it also prevents molds and odors.

Essential oils – can be used as freshener because of its aroma.

Lemon juice – Acidic substance that provides antibacterial and antiseptic for cleaning. Also, lemons can be used as laundry bleach and can also take away bad odors.

Salt – can be used as a cleaning agent by itself or combined with other substances, a paste of salt mixed with vinegars can clean tarnished brass or copper, can also be used to prevent kitchen sink from grease and eliminates odors too. Salt also drives away moths and ants (Natural Pesticides).

Now that you know more about these cleaning aids, you can start making your own cleaning products, it might take a while but it’s worth doing and its fun!

Natural cleaning products benefit us in lots of ways. Simply because it’s inexpensive, effective and it won’t affect our health. There are also natural cleaning products out there in the market that uses real organic materials. If you don’t have time to make your own cleaning products (or your just lazy), you must have this natural cleaning products to avoid further damages to our mother nature and our health,

Breathing with certain kinds of chemicals in your home is really a disturbing matter. So act now and replace your home cleaning products with natural cleaning products.

Natural cleaning products promise a clean healthy living. Just imagine a green clean environment without any toxics or chemicals. With chemicals out in your minds, you can sleep tight like you’ll never worry before!

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