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Odor Remover

January 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

odor remover
Betadine scrub like a skunk Odor Remover?

im done a salemanship com. and we came with the product idea to have Betadine scrub to eliminate skunk odors. Our teacher says it works really well but I can not find anything on the web about using it as a solvent skunk odor, if you could tell me all the websites or why Betadine scrub works so good plz let me know

Hmm, I tried, but did could not get too much information about it. = + +, Remove removing odor smells skunky + + + d = Betadine and aAWnKzWxQiR_ and icp = 1 &. intl = us Hope it helps!

Odor Remover –


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