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Office Cleaning Jobs At Night

April 30, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

office cleaning jobs at night
Can you give me some ideas for working at home or self employment?

I currently work full time from 8 am to 5 h job, but need to supplement my income with extra work. I am a single parent, so I need ideas for a work I can do on my own kind of schedule (not every night or every weekend). I was Cleaning Offices and homes, but now my back is in terrible shape, I need ideas for a work that would be easy on my back. I signed up for direct sales job, but until that picks it up, I need to find something else. Who knows, maybe I'll end up doing instead? Any ideas you can give would be greatly appreciated! I need to clarify. I do not want to do direct sales or internet businesses. I'm looking for the services I can offer the population without adhering to any enterprise. I want it to be something I do on my own.

It's funny how all these people responded to questions saying they work at home and make all that money. Do not you think if this was true they would not say people because they want to make money? Most work in jobs at home are scams. Some ideas might be for real babysit some kids after school or on weekends or go to yard sales and auctions to buy stuff and resell on eBay.

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