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Professional Car Cleaning Supplies

March 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

professional car cleaning supplies
Who is responsible for cleaning up vomit stained couch and the carpet? ?

Last night, my husband and I threw a Christmas party with about 30 adults aged 22-37. We have provided the beer, but people from bottles of hard liquor to take pictures. Mostly people drank partly responsible for the proper time. A friend who was the oldest person at the party went a little overboard, drunk out on the couch and threw around our sofa and carpet. We have a professional cleaner come tonight to clean stains. It will cost $ 150 + to remove his wicked barf. We also spend the whole morning gagging when cleaning the bathroom. He returned this morning very apologetic for his car. We do not want to create resentment, but should we send him the bill for cleaning?

Let him know how the cleaning bill was to see if it said something.

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