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Safe Cleaning Products And Pregnancy

August 2, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Spots pregnancy and facial products to use?

I am 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I hate being pregnant right now with all the hot and suddenly started to develop spots! In the space of a day … I have 4 points that have arisen from nowhere. Is it safe for normal use of products such as Clean & Clear face during pregnancy? More … is going to sound really disgusting to say and TMI, but is it normal to get loads of rejection during pregnancy … insofar as her uncomfortable? I've never had this before pregnancy and it got me really conscious but it does not smell. Finally … when I'm in college I can paint smell constant (even if my nose always seems to be blocked) and I mentioned to one of my peers today … she said she felt nothing! Why?

I wish I did Never use Clean & Clear and products like that. Anything that has chemicals, preservatives, parabens and go directly to your baby. Your skin is probably just more sensitive now. As do many other things during pregnancy (such as your sense of smell). And I know nothing of the discharge … sorry. But seriously, since cosmetics and skin care goes, organic, organic, organic! I can not stress the importance this enough. Especially if you are not eating organic, you should at least do not put chemicals on your hair, skin and nails, because it is so absorbent. Burt's Bees products offer affordable organic products all in an amazing and gentle cleansing cream Deep, relaxing salts Bath, Peppermint Foot Lotion, Shampoo Grapefruit … etc. All their products are all natural and organic way, it is easy on your skin and hair. I never bought Burt's Bees, I do not like, but for you it's even more important to find fresh and chemical free stuff. They are Burt's Bees to the target or your local health store. They also offer a line called "Mama Bee" for stretch marks and stuff pregnancy and other Baby Bee "for when the baby arrives:) Try it … if it's good for the environment too. You can not lose! Good luck!

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