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Spring Cleaning 101

May 7, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

spring cleaning 101

101 steps to make your self busy

  1. You can catch up on all the readings that you wanted by the library .
  2. You can spend more time with your family.
  3. Make sure you exercise, you probably had enough time.
  4. Discover the free and / or low-cost museums and art galleries in your area.
  5. If you can swing financial aid or scholarships Study is the perfect time to return to school.
  6. You can learn a new language.
  7. Become part of local community programs and youth programs.
  8. You can volunteer more to your local church.
  9. Become politically active and a local candidate for their needs.
  10. You can learn to play an instrument.
  11. Sit on your network Social and if you're lucky, it could become the employment network, too.
  12. You can write a book.
  13. You can start blog.
  14. You can take up phoography.
  15. You can return to an old hobby.
  16. You can become a player experts online.
  17. You can study philosophy, what is the meaning of life?
  18. You can take MIT courses online free.
  19. You can start by correspondence (online and / or offline) with old friends and family.
  20. You may become a Big Brother / Big Sister to a child in need.
  21. You can plant a garden.
  22. You can take up roller skating.
  23. You can volunteer the local library.
  24. You can volunteer in a shelter.
  25. You can volunteer for the Red Cross.
  26. You can join the Peace Corps.
  27. You can play games with your significant other, friends or children.
  28. You can visit old friends.
  29. You can spend more time with your pet (s).
  30. You can keep your lawn well maintained.
  31. You can clean your car.
  32. You can reorganize your closets.
  33. You can learn new things from TV like Discovery and PBS.
  34. You can contact old teachers and see if they let you sit in their classes.
  35. You can learn techniques meditation.
  36. You can make peace with those you have a grudge against.
  37. You can become a part of local theater productions.
  38. You can explore a new place every day.
  39. Try to cook through the items in your pantry and try new things.
  40. You can join a choir or other musical group.
  41. You can do a lot of free reading / watching people at the bookstore.
  42. You can find your family genealogy in the library.
  43. You can spend time with your dog in parks local dogs.
  44. You can start a band.
  45. You can go on mission trips to your church.
  46. Locate an old flame and see how they do.
  47. You can learn to play tennis.
  48. You can learn to paint.
  49. You can start scrapbooking.
  50. While not as productive, you can watch a bunch of YouTube.
  51. You can join a book club, on or offline.
  52. You can start a website.
  53. You can create videos and put them on YouTube.
  54. You can visit your alma mater and see all your teachers preferred.
  55. You can visit your parents.
  56. You can go bowling.
  57. You can take dance lessons.
  58. You can practice swimming.
  59. Go window shopping as an additional incentive to land work.
  60. You can become an expert in history.
  61. You can take up biking in the city.
  62. Take up jogging / walking.
  63. Embrace your inner child and take the skateboard.
  64. Check to see if local theater productions may use a supplement.
  65. Keep a diary what you do every day.
  66. You can learn more about the history of art
  67. You can learn more about the history music.
  68. Deliberately return to the hard books you never finished and read to the end.
  69. You can help friends who are parents at home caring for their children.
  70. You can become really great at chess.
  71. You can refine your concentration putting models together.
  72. You can get really good at a variety of puzzles such as Sudoku.
  73. You start recycling.
  74. You can challenge yourself to learn something new every day.
  75. You can draw goals for next week month and year to give you some free time.
  76. You can clean the house.
  77. Have a potluck cook with some friends.
  78. You can rearrange your furniture to be home more to your liking.
  79. You can, of course, polish up your CV it is perfect.
  80. You can organize your music collection.
  81. It is never too late or early spring clean your computer, deleting files and organize them as needed.
  82. You can mow your lawn.
  83. Catalog what you liked and disliked about your job precedent, and use that in your search for a new job.
  84. Attend local conferences around your community.
  85. Take advantage of the season sitting on the porch in the spring and the fire in winter, and enjoy the moment.
  86. Have marathon movie with friends and family.
  87. If you've never been good in the kitchen, there is no better time to learn.
  88. writing editorials to your local newspaper to get more involved in the community.
  89. Take the time to go paperless-sign up for electronic billing whenever possible.
  90. Take time to talk to your parents every day.
  91. Start taking public transportation whenever possible it's good for your wallet and good for the environment.
  92. Take time to get acquainted with your neighbors.
  93. Start a journal dreams and understand what your mind tells you.
  94. You can participate in your local bingo night.
  95. You can hold a garage sale for help clean the house and get some pocket money.
  96. Take more time to play with your kids or nephews and nieces.
  97. Take time to get closer to your spouse.
  98. Dust off the telescope and practice your astronomy.
  99. Be sure to volunteer activities that have the potential to grow in career opportunities.
  100. Go treasure hunting in renting a metal detector. You never know what you find.
  101. Whatever you do, have fun.

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