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Stain Removal Marker

November 19, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Remove stains, dry-erase marker jeans?

My daughter got dry erase marker (red) on his jeans. Because I crazy, so she wore them once. She was my mother @ home and Mom said it was dry-erase marker. It might be too regular scorer. I'm not sure. I have dealt with Spray n Wash stain stick that night. Do not wash out. Last night, I treated with Shout regular. Let it sit overnight and washed it today. Has still not released. I have not dried out both times to do not set the stain in. What should I do? I really need to get out. I thought No Spray Wash Dual Power. What is your suggestion?

My initial suggestion, that she is a child and these things happen, it is unnecessary stress on clothing. When you know you will not be there to watch it then just put pants on her dark. On the other hand, I used spray and wash too much and it does not go out at first everything faded a bit, but I noticed that the time and with a few washes over it disappeared, so it was not more sensitive. Btw, it was a Sharpie marker on the jeans and they are truly permanent, so I'm in your case, the stain will come out eventaully.

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