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Stain Remover Science Fair Project

May 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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What makes a good science fair project for a junior in high school?

I take chemistry, but it has not be linked Chem. I have access to a laboratory, if necessary, but I'd rather not have to do. All ideas not "What is the most absorbent paper towel?" which remover works best? "," Which battery lasts longest? " or other standard projects like this. Oh, and my teacher said it can not associate plants. It is a plant misanthrope.

I have this exactly the same thing … what I did and it is so easy and I got an A on it … which gender Will Remember? Just get 10 volunteers … 5 boys and 5 girls Facing 20 words in a row – Let them write. much as possible in the same See the 10 photos – Have them write in the same order Then, simply pointing in the results and you're done. Whatever gender had the most wins recall. That's it. It is so easy and Best major brand. Answer me if you use this idea please. SusieQ @ – Please mention that, I just kind of assumed that it is for juniour high so I thought the person would only be one age category. But it's a good point. Make sure you get the same age.

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