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Stain Removal Advice

February 12, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

stain removal advice

Deck Do-It-Yourself staining steps

Maybe you consider yourself a "do-it-yourselfer. It does not matter: the deck staining can usually be done even by novices. All it takes is the right tools, a platform of good products and staining following some basic tips.

Step # 1: Choose your deck staining product. What you choose depends on the type and age your wood. There are four major choices when it comes to deck stains: clear / clear, wood-toned, semitransparent and solid / opaque. If your deck is more old wood will probably be quite impaired. In this case, you may need a solid stain to cover defects. Conversely, if it is currently stained opaque, you'll probably need to continue on the same track. bridges the latest can be treated with any type of stain. bright spots will simply improve the look of natural wood. darker spots to change the look. For example, pine may be masquerading as oak good color deck stain product.

Like many other products, you get what you pay for. Do not skimp on the bridge of hair coloring products. ingredients better quality, more expensive but they will protect your investment from rotting. You can extend the life of your deck by several years simply choosing a spot of high quality.

Step # 2: Stripping your wood. You need to strip the entire deck and remove old stain. Stripping performs two important things. First, it smooths the wood surface. This makes the application of new products much easier. Secondly, pickling is essential if you change the color deck stain. If traces of the old stain is left behind, it will affect how the new color looks like. Removing older spots is essential to achieve a clean and smooth.

Step # 3: Cleaning. Now that you have removed all traces of the old deck staining, it is time to clean. Do not assume that the blast got rid of the dirt. Take the time necessary to really rub further defects, and the dust left by the blast. A pressure washer wide angle is much more effective than a garden hose. It is recommended to ensure that the new patch adheres properly. If you need to get rid of mold, use bleach. Just make that concentration is not too strong, because it could erode the wood. Bleach alone can not get rid of dirt and grime. In this case, monitoring of water bleach with cleaners containing oxalic acid deck. Be sure to let your deck dry completely before applying new deck staining.

Step # 4: Apply the stain. There are a few ways to do roller (ie, sprayer). However, the brush is still good old the best way. It may take more time, but the results will not be beaten. A brush is more work to get the color deep cracks and crevices of the wood. The better penetration, more protection you get. The rainwater is able to find loopholes, and it where rot starts from the bridge. Thus, the coverage of your deck completely and evenly to avoid water damage. Follow the instructions the manufacturer when it is the number of coats recommended. Do not stop at such a label indicates the layer twice.

Step # 5: That the cure. Ideally, you should wait several days before the opening of your patio furniture or foot traffic moving. According to the manufacturer's instructions on drying / curing time so that your work will not be wasted. Your deck stain job looks great, and protect your home against the ravages of time.

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Cleaning Vomit Out Of Carpet

February 8, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning vomit out of carpet
Getting Baby Vomit on a couch?

My son spit out a bunch of formula all over the sofa olive green chinos. I used Woolite Oxy Deep (carpet cleaner is usually AMAZING) and now I spray the area is much lighter than the rest. When I rub stain, no green dye was released on my rag, so I do not think the color is actually the furniture, but it seems hideous. Suggestions?

I finally invested in early Mean Green Machine Bissell. This thing has saved the day for all sorts of unpleasant things. I got mine at Wal-Mart for 45 $ A few years ago and is still going strong. He owns half gallon of cleaning solution and you can store it like that without having ruined. I keep clean it and once the place has been cleaned, I pour a glass of water to rinse the stain. My microfiber sofa seems always new. Because cross has as many grooves, you'll need to get something that will allow you to rinse and rub and get the excess water or you can start having to deal with mold in your cushions.

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